Pockie Ninja II Social News Update

With Pockie Ninja II Social the upcoming spiritual successor to Naruto and Bleach inspired MMO, Pockie Ninja groups of friends will be drawn into Naruto’s world through intense tactical battles.

Pockie Ninja II Social is an RPG tactic game with a social twist. Launching exclusively on Facebook this summer, the game features storylines inspired by the renowned Naruto anime series.

Publisher NGames have crafted a brand new ninja world for Pockie Ninja II, populated by some of Naruto’s most well known ninjas – redrawn and styled in a fun, cute way.

Pockie Ninja II Social players will relive and possibly even rewrite – the most memorable scenes and stories from the Naruto series through a stylish mix of village building and a myriad of tactical battles.

Lead, or be led.

Pockie Ninja II Social features a new, tactical turn-based battle system, designed to allow players to seamlessly switch between manual and auto-combat modes. The choice is entirely down the the player.

Brave players can lead from the front line, driving their carefully selected ninja teams onto the battlefield for intriguing, intense combat instances. Each available character has their own unique strengths and dependencies; battles will be won by players who effectively use and combine the varied types of ninjas in their roster.

Form Alliances, Conquer the World.

Having trouble at your village? Don’t worry – players can openly ask their social friends for aid in times of need. Forming alliances and combining skills with friends and fellow players will ensure the greatest chance of victory and survival. Friends can release skills and special talismans to boost each others skills during battle a vital tactic for turning the tide of battle in your favour.

Ruthless players can even play the bad guy and invade their friends villages. Building an empire might cost you a friend or two, but hey – at least you’ll collect tax to boost your own villages income.

Pockie Ninja II Social is coming to Facebook this summer.

Sign up and play Pockie Ninja for free at the official website: http://www.pockieninja.com

[Source: Official Press Release]

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