Ode to Alchemist: Myth AFK RPG


Hey, A mythical alchemical world opened, fulling of dangers and unknown creatures. The mighty heroes lost their minds due to the evil power and became Eidolons. You, as the pathfinder, are fated to find Sage’s Stone to purify the world. …

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Miraculous Life


Be brave, be Miraculous! Protect Paris and play as your favorite magical super heroez – Ladybug and Cat Noir!Explore the city, help friends and complete hero missions! Unleash your creativity while you style characters and make Marinette’s room the ultimate …

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Shadow Legends: Sword Hunter


Shadow Legends Sword Hunter is an action game, role-playing combat in extreme hack and slash in the fantasy world. You will join your Angels Guardian against the darkness of war and protect humanity from the Devil’s claws. The game is …

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Omega Strikers


Omega Strikers is a free-to-play 3v3 knockout striker. Choose your character, smash opponents off the arena using explosive abilities, and score goals in lightning-fast online matches that average under five minutes in length. In Omega Strikers, only smarts and skills …

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Frontier Chronicles


The empire is in danger! The desert raiders want to destroy everything. Rumor has it that they have a leader.If they all get together, they won’t be stopped! Head into the depths of the desert and save the Empire urgently! …

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Zombie World Survivor


Become a brave and mighty hero standing against hordes of enemies all alone and try to save the city!Zombie World Survivor is a roguelike surviving game where your main goal is to harvest waves of various monsters and defeat mighty …

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Pinball Crush


Super flying bubble!Find the right angle to shoot endlessly! Elements current clash!Unleash the power of the elements – ice, wind, lightning, fire…Match the elements for multipliers!It may look cute, but it hits really hard. Angelic Lucky Star!When Pikapi is in …

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Clash of Gods: Magic Kingdom


Clash of Gods: Magic Kingdom is a new turn-based strategy game, collect epic heroes and join the war for the magic kingdom! Play epic heroes, magic can be useful to duel other players in epic turn-based strategy battles. Explore the …

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Bad 2 Bad: Apocalypse


‘Bad to Bad: Apocalypse’ is the official sequel to ‘Bad to Bad: Delta’ and ‘Extinction’ and is armed with a wider stage, worldview, and rich content. In Apocalypse, the Delta Team, led by Major Pan, rescues and rebuilds a world …

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Gun Force: Action Shooting


Gun Force is a run-and-gun shooter video game with classic 2D pixel art, mixed with exciting rogue-like elements. You will take on the role of a commander of the resistance army known as Gun Force with advanced technology, which uses …

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