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Jun 18, 2021

Kingpin Underworld

Want to become the most powerful Mafia Boss and crush your enemies like candies? When you come back to your home city you find it has become a battleground where one criminal empire wages gang wars against another, your family business occupied by thugs that killed your godfather, and streets …

Jun 18, 2021

Myth: Gods of Asgard

Welcome to fight with The Norse Gods,facing the desperation of Ragnarök,becoming the hero to save the seven kingdoms. With characteristic comic style and hundreds of magical powers and artifacts, Roguelike gameplay with rich strategies, shows you the epic plot of Ragnarök. Come and show your wisdom and courage in this …

Jun 16, 2021

Mecha Planeteer

Deep in the Universe, ambitions swell and bloat. Intrigues penetrate through light-years. Battles fire up everywhere, with all vying for supremacy in the Universe. Which civilization will be the final conqueror? And who will be the Lord of the Universe? Make strategies to explore your planet, build bases, train high-tech …

Jun 16, 2021

Eternal Ember

The world is shrouded in darkness, and monsters are raging…but it doesn’t matter at all, we just want to be the more brutal dungeon predators than evil forces! Hearing that we are approaching, the goblins in the cave will hide and cry, and the wandering skeletons will hurriedly nail their …