is a free online football manager game, where you can manage your own club, prepare your team for matches, choose tactics, buy and sell players and so on. It is browser based which means all you need is a browser to play, it is free with option to become a Phootball partner for some extra features which won’t influence the general gameplay.

Played in 15 week seasons, with 8 teams in each division, you start with a small club in the 5 division, and you have to make your way to the top and eventually become champion in division 1.

In you have to prepare your team for each match, draw a lineup, from 11 different tactics, 8 formations and the option to give individual orders to each player individually. Matches are played in 90 real time minutes, and you make substitutions, change tactics and orders to your players.

You also have to manage your players career, train them each week, in several skills available, manage contracts, buy new players or sell other for profit.

Currently is available in English and Spanish.

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