World Water Day – Farmerama players support clean water projects in developing countries

Water is life. This is why, for the past few years, the players of Bigpoint’s free-to-play game Farmerama have been supporting the charity organization charity: water. In doing so, they helped to bring clean water to more than 1,500 people in Ethiopia and Kenya, as well as 11 additional communities in Nepal. For this year’s World Water Day, players will once again have the opportunity to help those in need by purchasing special in-game items. The entire revenue from the sale of those items will be passed on to charity: water.

Anyone who would like to support this good cause can do so on the campaign’s official website:


“We are exceptionally proud of how strong our community has involved itself in past campaigns for charity: water and we are confident that together we can once more achieve a lot for this great cause. It is crucial to bring awareness to the fact that there are many people in the world without access to clean and safe drinking water and that all of us have the ability to help them,” says Varun Nagendra, Producer of Farmerama.

From March 16th until March 22nd, Farmerama players will be able to purchase a special in-game item package, the ‘Well Wishes’ Magic Stalk Pack. This will not only grant them three exclusive decorations with bonuses for their farm, but will primarily help people who do not have access to clean water. All revenue from the promotion will be passed on to charity: water, who in turn uses 100% of donations to support clean water projects in developing countries.

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