Winter PvP Tournament announced in Einherjar

Appirits, the Japanese developer of Einherjar – The Viking’s Blood has just announced the registration period for the game’s second PvP Tournament from 29 November to 5 December 2012 (SGT or GMT+8).

Unlike the first tournament, this time there will be 2 categories for all participants as follows: 3vs3 for male warriors and 5vs5 for female warriors. Please note that one player can apply for both 2 categories in the tournament providing that he or she must have units suitable with the aforesaid gender requirement.

Link to 3vs3 registration:

Link to 5vs5 registration:

The first play-off for each category will use the random result of matching from So there will be no limit of equipment or level for participants. It is mere luck that will bring players effortless or challenging matches.

The exact date of the first round will be announced shortly after the end date of registration. Then the second round’s format will be determined depending on the first round’s result.

Prizes for the champions will be as below.

– 3vs3 Tournament Champion: 1 Valkyrie Hairpin + 1 God Ore

Effects: 5 Luck , Bow Avoidance II

Equippable Jobs: Archer, Ranger, Haweye, Empusa, Succubus

– 5vs5 Tournament Champion: 1 Valkyrie Armor + 1 God Ore

Effects: 15 Defense, Darkness Attack II

Equippable Jobs: Axe Guard, Berserker, Sword Guard, Highlander, Spear Guard, Servant, Templar Knight, Paladin

And players going through Round 1 will get some gifts too.

But there are several notes players should pay attention to.

– Players need to contact each other freely to arrange a suitable fight time and post the result at the forum topic before the deadline.

– If an opponent does not respond to a player’s fight request, he or she need to confirm it at the respective forum topic.

– Players are reccommended to use a third-party software to record all of their fights.

– In case of disconnection or lag, players need to deal with each other to arrange a rematch.

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