Metalborne Mech Combat

Future-proof combat is here in METALBORNE. The year 2070. Mechs are now the backbone of our armed forces fighting alongside troopers, tanks and military drones and big corporations and PMCs are leading the way in military defense. These steel brawlers are capable of dealing colossal damage, but without you, these chunks of metal would be nothing.

Enjoy heart-pounding futuristic combat on your mobile devices and send your opponents to the scrapyard.

BUILD YOUR EMPIRE All empires need a base of operations, so create, forge and construct yours. This hub will be your center for resources and researching new technology. You wouldn’t want that to fall into the wrong hands, would you?

DEFEND THE BASE Our base building system allows you to create labyrinthine pathways scattered with defense units, including your own mechs, covering the entrances to your base so you can keep those unwelcome foes out!

CREATE YOUR SQUAD With over 100 mechs to adjust to your liking, there’s a massive amount of choice when creating your own squad of metal mechanical beasts or when pairing up to take down a bigger threat. Tailor your mechs with available upgrades that can help you create new tactics and strategies in the heat of battle.

EXPERIENCE CINEMATIC BATTLES In future-proof combat, each battle is conveyed with cinematic camera angles and viscerally impactful animations. Combine that with the stunning AAA visuals and VFX on mobile and you feel like you’re in the heat of battle duking it out with other players.

EASY TO HANDLE Controlling a ton weight mech might seem hard, but the controls have been custom-tailored to mobile devices meaning that when you’re in command, it will feel like second nature.

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