2K Pulls The Trigger On LIVE Spec Ops: The Line Multiplayer Event

2K Games and Kona’s Korner Productions are teaming up to bring you an exclusive look at Spec Ops: The Line multiplayer. This never before seen gameplay will be broadcasted LIVE on May 9th from 3-7PM PST, hosted by 2K Games’ very own Elizabeth Tobey along with Kona from Kona’s Korner Productions. Adding fuel to the fire, the closed-door event will also feature the top six Broadcasters and Youtubers playing with the producers on what is sure to be 2K’s next big shooter.

Watch on 2K’s Twitch TV channel as teams comprised of pros and producers alike, go head-to-head as The Damned and The Exiles. Each side will play for bragging rights as they showcase their skills in this behind the scenes look at Spec Ops: The Line multiplayer. Witness the carnage, join in the chat, give instant feedback, or cheer for your favorite Youtuber, Broadcaster as Elizabeth and Kona give play-by-play action of the LIVE stream.

You’re going to want to clear your schedule as the infamous Broadcasters and Youtubers Ernest Le, FuzzyOtterBalls, CrReam, Optic Di3sel, TmarTn, and GoldGlove pair up with producers and take center stage in Spec Ops: The Line. And forget that “single person point of view” stuff. Kona is setting up to bring you gameplay footage as seen through each player’s perspective, so you’ll get a 360? view of the multiplayer action. So make sure to tune in to Twitch.TV/2K on May 9th for this epic display of Spec Ops: The Line multiplayer.

Kona’s Korner Productions is the leading live production company in the gaming industry. Kona is a pioneer in bringing event coverage, hosting, and pre-release exposure of gameplay to a LIVE audience.

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