Cardmon Hero

Cardmon Hero is a free to play Trading Card Game played in 3D Fantasy MMORPG world.

Discover and explore the Continent of Aria with our exciting card summoning system! Cardmon Hero is the premier card collecting, monster summoning MMO. Carve a path to victory by customizing your deck to fit your play style!

Aria has been governed by Inersia, goddess of light, and Zerdantis, god of darkness.
As their powers were in balance, the world was in peace.

However, Zerdantis broke the promise and decided to open the dimension door to summon
evil creatures and spirits into Aria. Zerdantis takes a step further and plans to kill goddess
Inersia. He summoned creatures from hell such as Kerberos to attack the goddess temple.

Being outnumbered, goddess Inersia creates an Ark Sign that contains all of her power
and summons two heroes from the dimension door that the devil created. However, since
she used up all of her powers in creating the Ark Sign and summoning two Heroes,
she dissipates away into the thin air. However, her death has paid off by successfully
sealing off the devil with the cost of the Ark Sign.

Key Features:

  • Card Summon System
    Mercenary cards may be summoned at anytime during the battle to use them during the fights.
    Hundreds of mercenary cards may be collected and summoned in order to use various mercenary during the battle. Even though the summoning
    time is limited, they may be re-summoned into the battle field after the cooling time. Therefore, the death of mercenaries will not affect the use of mercenary cards in future battles.
  • Role Distribution System
    Mercenaries with strong HP, mercenaries with strong damage points and mercenaries with healing abilities may be used differently during the battle.
    Strategic battles may be performed based on which mercenary cards are summoned during the battle. Also, monsters that cannot be defeated alone may be easily defeated with help from various  mercenaries to support the hero.
  • Card Comination System
    By combining ingredients written on the mercenary, skill  and recipe cards, card skills may be improved or created.
    In order to upgrade the power of a mercenary card,  same types of card may be combined together to upgrade the skill level. Also, special mercenary cards obtained  during hunting may be combined with adequate  combinations of cards in order to create a new card.
  • Extensive Hunting System
    Special hunting mode may be played in party/guild units to face against strong named monsters that  do not appear in normal hunting fields.
    Special missions are given for each hunting mode and high experience points, mission points and rare items are awarded to those who complete the mission. Mission points may be accumulated to increase the hunting difficulty levels to face against strong monsters. Also, accumulated mission points are calculated to rank the players. Rare items are given to the high-ranked players.
  • Extensive Quests
    Various maps are interconnected with each other to  create an extensive gaming world. Players may move around the map by using the zone
    transportation mode. Since each map is connected to various quests, players will experience various types of maps during their quests. Please listen carefully to what NPCs have to say in order to learn more about the gaming world that you play in.

Additional Resources:

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