What’s Playing Game for iOS Makes Trivia Fun Again


Violet Arts today introduces What´s Playing, a free to play trivia game with a clever twist. The objective of the game is to guess what is playing in the hand drawn animation. There are a total of 400 stages in …

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Gemmings Rush


Gemmings Rush is a new match-3 and word game available on Facebook, where you need to obtain as many Gems as you can by clicking the same colored Gems. This is a key point of this brand new word and …

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Monster Words


Monster Words is a fun, quirky, and unique word game available free to download for iPhone and iPad, by Enemy Hideout. Each level has CLUES for words. The monsters have LETTERS on them. MATCH the monsters to the clue to …

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Hanging with friends


Hanging With Friends is a mobile game for iOS and Android that brings a brand new twist to the classic game of hangman, adding creativity, strategy and fun for all ages. Build mystery words to stump, amuse or impress your …

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Words With Friends


Words With Friends is easily the best and most popular word game in the world. We think you’re going to love it. Play the free version of Words With Friends in Facebook, iPhone or Android, the game more of your friends …

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Play America’s Favorite Quiz Show – Jeopardy! Jeopardy! has joined the growing list of games based on game shows that have been popping up on Facebook. It plays out just like a shortened version of the real game, and of …

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Farkle Pro


Farkle Pro is one of many Facebook apps that lets you play the slightly obscure dice game Farkle online. Playtika’s iteration is easy-to-use, runs well, and features robust matchmaking. It also explains the rules, which may be unfamiliar to many …

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Family Feud


It is time to play the Family Feud™! Based on the fast-paced TV game show, try to guess what 100 people said when they answered our survey questions. Beat the average score then have a friend help you with Fast …

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Deal or no Deal


Deal or No Deal plays like the American version of the famous game show, in which you start by grabbing one of 26 briefcases that could have anywhere from $10 to $1 million depending on how far you’ve leveled. The amounts contained …

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