Dining Zoo


Dining Zoo is a restaurant management game available on Facebook where we have animals instead of humans 🙂 What would happen if we all turn into animals? And how to run a restaurant in a world full of animals? Find …

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Pub Life


Pub Life is a restaurant management Facebook game, the game plot sets you managing an old fashion English Pub, that you have just inherit from your uncle, you can serve several ale types and appetizers. Review In Pub Life, you …

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Create your very own worldwide chain of cafes at TinierCafe! Choose the dishes you’d like to create from a diverse menu, use your earnings to decorate your shop, and earn loyal customers in this social application on the Facebook platform. …

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Chef Quest


Chef Quest is browser based cooking game for Facebook gamers, where you have to prepare different dishes, buy ingredients, learn new recipes and travel around the world, meeting different Master Chefs and learning recipes with them, and proving you can …

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Gourmet Ranch


Gourmet Ranch is a farming and restaurant simulation browser game available on Facebook developed by playdemic and published by Rockyou. From the farm to the table, build your epicurean empire from the ground up at Gourmet Ranch. Plow your soil, …

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