Disney Animal Kingdom Explorers


Disney Animal Kingdom Explorers is now live! Join the quest, take the journey, and find hidden animals! Inspired by the most popular Animal Park in the Universe (Animal Kingdom Park in Florida), Disney Animal Kingdom Explorers will have you answering …

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Amazing Adventures: Around the World


Amazing Adventures: Around the World is a free to play online hidden object game filled with globetrotting adventures! Embark on a journey to help the Museum find the World Diamond. Travel to 25 exotic locations and find over 2,100 hidden …

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Storage Wars: The Game


Storage Wars: The Game is a Facebook entertainment title from A&E Networks Digital, based on A&E’s popular TV reality series with the same name. Combining hidden-object style play with some strategy and intuition, Storage War: The Game offers simple gameplay, …

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Blackwood & Bell Mysteries


Blackwood & Bell Mysteries is an Hidden Object Game available on Facebook from Playdom, developers of Gardens of Time. Find hidden objects, travel the world, and spot clues to foil dastardly villains in Victorian times! Review Players will travel around …

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Hidden Haunts


Hidden Haunts is a hidden object game available on Facebook that takes you on an journey where you assist Cassie, Professor Graves and many others with the investigation of poltergeists in the beautiful village of Lost Haven. Search for hidden …

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World Mysteries


World Mysteries is a new hidden object online game from Vostu, on Facebook. Travel around the world collecting objects and solving puzzles in order to find your missing uncle. On the way you’ll visit spectacular places and decipher amazing riddles. …

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Hidden Chronicles


Hidden Chronicles is a new hidden object game on Facebook, much like the awarded Game of the Year, Gardens of Time. Hidden Chronicles starts with your arrival at your Uncle Geoffrey manor one day only to discover that your uncle has passed …

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Mystery Manor


Mystery Manor is an online game for Facebook in the genre “I spy” or a hidden object game with lots of social interaction. The Mystery Manor is a manor surrounded in mystery. It’s a strange mansion filled with magic and …

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Catch a Killer


Catch a killer is a Facebook criminal investigation game, where you have to look for clues and then use forensic skills to solve the investigation. Law Enforcement officials fear that there may be as many as 50 active serial killers …

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Gardens of Time


Gardens of Time is an online hidden object game, available on Facebook and iOS for iPhone and iPad! Use your Time Machine to locate hidden objects throughout history, unravel the intrigues of a secret society, and protect the world from …

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