Jammy Dragon – City Building and Dragons mixed on Facebook


Jammy Dragon is a new city building social Facebook game by 6Waves, set in the age of dragons and magic, were you play the role of a small village chief who’s mission is to protect and expand against the devil …

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Ravenshire Castle


Ravenshire Castle is a new castle building and adventure Facebook game by 6Waves, based on the successful series of Ravenwood Fair or Ravenskye City. Actually if you ever played any of the mentioned titles you will immediately recognize the graphics …

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Rollercoaster Mania


Rollercoaster Mania is a new Facebook game developed by Noisy Duck and published by 6Waves, where you can run and manage your own theme park. As usual on Facebook you only need your browser to play for free. Review Rollercoaster …

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Lucky Cruise


Lucky Cruise is a new Facebook game about slots and travel, published by 6waves and developed by Large Animal Games. This is not your average slot machine experience. Play your favorite WMS slot games and use special “good luck charms” …

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Puzzle Treasure


Puzzle Treasure is a unique and colorful new Facebook game that brings the tactile joy of solving tricky Tangram puzzles while earning and collecting treasures and rare artifacts! Share rewards or compete with your friends! Best of all, it’s free …

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Astro Garden


Astro Garden is the latest Facebook game from 6 Waves Lolapps, and imagine it is about farming, but not only, build your garden, start your research on the elixir of eternal youth! It’s time to start to build an imaginary …

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Toy Attack


Toy Attack is a strategy Tower Defense game available on Facebook by 6 Waves. The game is similar to Backyard Monsters, but changes the theme from Monsters to Toys instead. You have to build a series of structures, collect resources, …

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Swords & Potions


Swords & Potions is a new Facebook game where you can manage your own Fantasy medieval Shop and become the most successful merchant in the world of Tomagar. Trade items with adventurers, craft powerful items and earn a profit from …

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Galactic Trader


Galactic Trader is a space trading and combat game spanning the universe available on Facebook. Compete with your friends to build the ultimate galactic company – explore planets, mine resources, equip your fleet with combat and cargo ships and challenge …

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