Vinashi is a browser-based strategy MMO (massively multiplayer online) set in the land of ancient India. Build up your village into a mighty empire, train a loyal army, conquer the land and become supreme ruler of all you survey!

The player has to build up his/her kingdom with a proper game plan and with a mission to defeat other kingdoms. You will encounter many enemies; some of them will be your own family and friends. You have to lead your way to glory by defeating all other kingdoms .You will have to protect your kingdom and army safe.

The game needs a calculated game plan and must be played with a mission to defeat other empires. You will encounter many foes; some of them might be your own friends and family members as well. You have to lead your way strategically to find glory and honor by defeating the other kingdoms. Your ultimate goal in this strategy game is to protect your kingdom, enlarge your army and prove yourself as the real Vinashi.

The game is currently in the Open Beta. Stay tuned for news and updates.

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