The Victory Kickstarter campaign has begun! Victory is a World War II, team-based, action-strategy game where you collect companies of units and battle in quick online matches.

“If World of Tanks, StarCraft and League of Legends had a baby, it would be Victory.”    – Oksana Kubushyna, Victory Project Lead



  • World War II setting
  • Online team vs. team battle arena
  • Choose units from your collection to bring into each match
  • Command squads of units using RTS-like controls and viewpoint
  • Clear decisive tactics that utilize line-of-sight, unit facing, high ground, and cover
  • Win by capturing and holding key map locations or by destroying all enemy units
  • If all units are destroyed, you are out of the match; continue to observe, or join a new one
  • Each match typically lasts 15-20 minutes
  • Your units become more powerful after each match, and you earn in-game currency
  • Use your in-game currency for commander packs containing random, collectible units and more
  • For PC / Windows

Visit the Victory Kickstarter page for full game details.

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