Uprising Empires

Uprising Empires is a Free to Play online, Medieval themed Browser Based Strategy game by Targa Limited.

Journey into an alternate history, assume the role of a fledging young warlord in one of four of the Middle Ages most powerful Empires and take on the monumental task of becoming Emperor of the Earth.
Build and capture cities, trade and forge alliances with other players and be prepared to fight friend and foe in a brutal power struggle for supremacy.
Will you be strong enough to stand the test of time and rewrite history?

Become a Legend

Set in the years following 1280AD choose from four of the most powerful and influential empires in the Middle East; will you side with The Kingdom of Jerusalem, The Byzantine Empire, The Turks, or The Mongolian Empire?

Take up your rightful position young Warlord and begin to forge your destiny. Evolve your nation from barbarism to civilization and lead it to a prosperous future. The fate of your empire is in your hands!

Assemble your Army

Surrounded by enemies you must successfully manage to develop and run your city as well as creating an army of fearless, loyal and most importantly strong individuals who are willing to die to protect their empire and yourself from the countless enemies that surround them.

Build your defenses sky high and advance through the technological ages in order to gain the upper hand on your foes and make them fear your name.

Prove your Strength

Show off your military might and assemble your armies for greatness with a plethora of weaponry for attack and defense as well as archers, cavalry and infantrymen at your disposal. Experience the thrill of storming an enemy’s city in an attempt to capture their land and the tension that comes from defending your land from invaders hell bent on doing the same to you.

Create a Following

Recruit legendary war heroes into your empire to lead your armies and give bonus boosts to either your military or resources division; with the most elite heroes having the ability to lead a corps of over 54,000 troops into battle you will experience war on a scale like none other.

Conquer the World

By yourself you may be a powerful force but with the help of others you can take your territorial dominance to a global scale; unite with other players and form alliances making that aspiration of world domination a reality.

Key Features:

City Map

The standard city map is where you will build the majority of your standard facilities; as you advance through the ages you can unlock more buildings giving you a completely new look and feel to your cities.

Outer City Map

The outer regions of your city is where you will be able to build all the various resource structures in the game (Metal, Wood, Stone and Food).

Middle Map

This map serves the purpose of providing you with information of cities and allowing you to launch attacks on your selected target.

On the middle map you will be able to find out about other player’s cities and NPC settlements that litter the wilderness. To get a closer look at a specific region or see a surrounding area you can zoom in and out by using the scroll button on your mouse.

World Map

The vast World Map will show the locations of owned cities, allies’ cities as well as special cities scattered throughout the globe.
When using this view you can double click on a specific point of the map to move directly there.

Construction and Upgrading Materials

Metal, Stone and Wood are the three resources used when constructing and upgrading your buildings.
One of the first steps any Warlord should take is to build one of these resources facilities.


Maintaining a high and stable level of food production is an important aspect of the game as it is what your military need to consume in order to continue fighting.
Be warned; your military are only as loyal as their stomachs are full, if for some reason your food supply begins to dry up they will be the first members of your city to flee.


Gold is the currency of the game and it is therefore impossible to overstate its importance. Providing the ability to train units, recruit and heal heroes as well as researching new technologies Gold is paramount to your Empires survival.

Players can collect Gold from either completing missions or by collecting income tax from your citizens.

When you have collected enough resources you can start to build and upgrade buildings within your city. Each building has a slightly different requirement to take into consideration when constructing with some buildings requiring the player to advance through the ages before they can begin construction.

Upgrading buildings will increase the population size which is an indicator of how well your city is developing.

Military Structures

The following buildings are classed as military structures:

Command Post, Barrack, Archery Range, Stable, Siege workshop, Civil Workshop, Tavern and Special Building

In these military establishments you can train, setup and manage your armies; As you advance through the ages more buildings will be unlocked allowing you to construct newer facilities to expand and modernize your army.

Resources Storage

Its rather pointless making all those resources if you have nowhere to store them right?

After making a resource gathering structure you should consider building a ‘Resources Storage’ to house all the excess resources you no longer need.
Upgrading these facilities will allow you to store greater numbers of resources which are essential if you wish to expand your empire.


Use the Gold you earn throughout the game to conduct research on both war and civil technologies that will gain you advantageous boosts in the aforementioned divisions.

Remember however, that the research level is related to the building level so be sure to upgrade your Blacksmith and University so that you can continue to increase your research level unlocking a raft of cool technological advancements along the way.


In Uprising Empires there are four different Age’s for you to explore with each one bringing about new and exciting features for you to discover.
By clicking on the Age icon you will be able to see the different requirements needed to enter each Age (such as city population, score, Hero and research levels). You can also see the corresponding unlockable items that will be available upon age advancement.


Military is a very important element in Uprising Empires; after all, if you want to conquer the world you need troops and you must know everything about their strengths and weaknesses if you are to rise to the top of the food chain.

Training Units

Before you can embark on your crusade of trying to take over the world you must first assemble a military; be aware that buildings have specific purposes and can only train troops of a particular class.

The following list will explain these specifics:

  • BarracksInfantry units trained here.
  • Civil WorkshopSpy, Alliance Gold Looter, Colonizer and the Trade Cart can be trained / constructed here.
  • Archery RangeTrain Ranged units here.
  • StableCavalry Units can be trained here.
  • Siege Work ShopCraft Siege weaponry and various Vehicles here.
  • Special BuildingUsed for training the unique units of each race.

In order to increase the chance of winning you must make good use of the various units at your disposal. Each unit has different strengths and weaknesses so please study the following information for an example on the strength/weakness relation of units before going into battle.

Infantry > Weapons > Ranged Units > Cavalry > Infantry… etc.

Along with strengths and weaknesses of the unit each race has their own characteristics which add an extra dynamic to every battle; see below for details:

  • Barracks – Elite in Weapon units.
  • Civil Workshop – Elite in Range units.
  • The Kingdom of Jerusalem – Elite in Infantry units.
  • Byzantine Empire – Elite in Cavalry units.


In Uprising Empires the player can recruit a ‘Hero’ from their local Tavern that will lead an army of troops into battle. Throughout your journey and once certain conditions are met you will encounter rare heroes who will give you significant boosts towards your military or civil departments as well as the ability to command a larger number of troops.


All heroes have 7 slots of equipment available to them consisting of: Helmet, Armor, Weapon, Robe, Boots, Necklace and a Ring.

Equipment for your heroes can be occasionally found as loot from NPC battles with a list of all the equipment currently obtained stored on the inventory page.

Setup Army

After you have constructed training facilities and trained up your troops it is time to form an army and launch your first attack; this can be done from the Command Post which is also where you can assign a Hero to lead the army and tinker with the selection and arrangement of troops in any squadrons that you have.


The Infirmary is where you will have the chance to restore military personnel who were critically injured in battle.
Divided into two rows, the infirmary allows you to quickly revive the latest fallen units in exchange for diamonds. Alternatively, you can choose to let some of these units perish and restore the survivors for free by trading your Gold.

Battles Types

Once you feel that your army is strong enough for the competition you can start your invasion of NPC’s or even fellow players.

To initiate a conflict, head to the middle map where you will be able see your potential targets, click on the military action icon in your HUD to start your attack.
If you wish to know your enemy before you engage in combat you can click on the Information icon to see some basic intel on the type of opponent you are up against.

After clicking on the military action in you will be presented with an option of action types. However, please note that the action types available depend on the target you are trying to attack. E.g. creatures in the wilderness cannot be robbed.


Select this option to invade the selected city; the battle will continue until one side has 100% casualties so be prepared for the long haul when you select this option.
The best tactic to use when attempting to capture a city is to invade and eliminate all military units and then proceed to destroy a few buildings to diminish any of the cities remaining population.


Select this option when you wish to simply steal resources from a target city whilst still keeping the city under enemy control.
The amount of resources stolen is dependent on the storage capacity limit of the invading army.


This is a higher risk robbery battle type that allows you to steal alliance gold from your target. This battle option is only available when an ‘Alliance Gold Looter’ is present in the looting army’s formation.


Send out spies to obtain secret information on the enemy!
The amount of information collected is dependent on the spies’ research level and number of casualties suffered to your spy units.


Use this option when you wish to defend an allied strong hold or indeed your own.
By stationing your army at the selected target the units in your possession will fight to the bloody end until there are either no more enemies present or your forces have been slain.


In a similar principle to ‘Station’, this option allows you to relocate a formed army from one of your cities to another city you own. However, please note that a transferred army will consume food of the destination city as default.

Build City

Only selectable in an empty city- This option will allow you to build another city providing you have the required level of research and Colonizer units.


In Uprising Empires there are two types of missions available, in order to embark on you click on the mission icon.

City Mission

These missions are dedicated to city development rewarding the player for attaining the specified level of a particular building; as a reward for completing these missions the player will be rewarded with a large amount of resources that they can use to further develop their army.

Daily Mission

Updated every day at 12am -server time-; these missions offer you a variety of attack and defensive battles as well as unit training and spying missions plus many more. Completing these missions will reward you with a large variety of rewards depending on the mission type.


Market is THE place to top up your resources or get that resource that is just a little bit too far out of your reach.
In the Market you can trade with other players and buy resources directly from the NPC’s in the area. Just remember to have enough space in your Trade Cart before you begin your shopping spree!

The following options are available to you in the marketplace:

Create Trade

Select this option to create your own trade; you will need to confirm the amount offered to the other party as well as the required resources and amount.

Select Trade

This option allows you to see what other users are offering to trade; when you find what you are looking for press the start button to initiate the trade; this process will be automatic and seamless if you have enough resources in your trade cart.

Send resources

Allows you to send your resource to another city under your control.


Use diamond to directly buy resources from NPC’s.


Civil Research

This type of research is related to the city and resource technology (e.g. resource production rate) and is only available in the University

Military Research

This type of research is exclusively related to military use and is only available at the Blacksmith.

City Conquering

A smart Warlord is always looking over their shoulder for any potential threats to their reign; in such a war driven world you can be sure that once you have proven yourself to be competent on the field you will be attracting the attention of nearby Warlords who will be more than ready to burn all that you have worked to build to the ground.

Don’t sit back and let that happen, separate friend from foe and strike your enemies before they have the chance to attack you!

Maximize the potential of your army.

With so much at stake no fellow player will allow you to simply waltz into their city and destroy all their hard work so be sure if you are to embark on an invasion that your army are fully prepared for the task at hand. Train them hard and train them well so the enemy cannot repay the favor at a later stage.

Assign a Trebuchet to your invading army

Remember if you are aiming to destroy a rival’s buildings you need to be sure that a Trebuchet has been assigned to your army. By destroying a key building in a city will reduce the stability of the settlement and cause a drop in population.

Send a Colonizer to capture the city

After the population of the city has dropped to a certain level you can send in a Colonizer to secure and capture the city. The effectiveness of the colonizer is dependent on their research level so be sure you have invested healthily in the abilities of these units.


After capturing a city you will receive a short protection period that prevents you from being attacked immediately again. Use this time effectively to rebuild the defenses of the city and make the new settlement as strong as your other territories.


Forming an Alliance with other players is a vital part of Uprising Empires allowing you to expand your dominance across a larger scale with the help of new allies. Create your own or join an existing alliance to meet new players and experience the following benefits:

Alliance shop

Once you are a member of an Alliance you will receive ‘Alliance Gold’ by looting from other players as well as completing daily missions; this gold is collected by every member of the alliance and allows the leader to purchase alliance items (a Plus Feature). These purchased items will be displayed on the alliance page where alliance members can use their built up ‘Fame’ points to buy if they desire.

Zone Conquering

With the help of your alliance members’ armies you can conquer and unify your race so that your alliance can move on to bigger tasks.

World Conquering

After unifying your empire the restriction on attacking rival empires will be lifted allowing you to invade other empires and prove that your race was the chosen leader of the world. The Empire whose alliances control the largest section of the world map are considered the winners but once you reach the top you must be ready to prove your ability at any given time or risk your empire being toppled by an eager rival attempting to shine.


For those who are willing to get even stronger and take a leap ahead of others players as well as those who are in need of a helping hand we have provided a helpful diamond system that allows a user to purchase diamonds (via various payment options).

Players can use diamond to buy more powerful equipment, plus features item and VIP features to make their empire grow larger faster and easier than ever before.

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