UDorian is a new free-to-play text-based MMORTS game now under development, the game is in beta phase, and you have to apply for a beta key. In UDorian you can start massive undersea empires and construct powerful fleets. No download required, all you need is your browser to play.

  • A Simple Start

    Players begin with a single cardea(underwater base). Through this cardea, players build resource-gathering structures and quickly amass a large fleet to begin raiding undefended players. Tactical strategies are limitless and players can build their undersea empire however they please.

  • An Undersea Empire

    Users can expand to up to ten seperate cardeas- each producing a constant source of resources. Numerous structures can be built on cardeas from shipyards to resource collection facilities.

  • Fleet and Resource Management

    Precise unit management allows fleets to be gathered together for largescale invasions or seperated for quick and disperse hit-and-runs. Full resource management allows users to negotiate resource trade with other players.

  • Alliances

    Friend in trouble? Allied support can be given in the form of both fleets and resources. Not only can players choose to aid individuals, alliances can be formed and players can recieve aid from teams of players willing to lend a hand.

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