Thirst of Night

Thirst of Night is a free to play online browser based Vampire themed strategy game published by Kabam. The title follows in the steps of other strategy/build/war Kabam hits such as Glory of Rome, Kingdoms of Camelot and Global Warfare. As a flash game, its closest alternative is the engine it is based on, Dragons of Atlantis.

Thirst of Night deals specifically with vampires and looks upon them in a positive light. The player is a vampire and the population are also vampires.

Set in the future where vampires are highly intelligent, spells like buffs, de-buffs and curses are not magical in the traditional sense but rather an expression of the vampires’ ability to tap into earth’s natural forces.


Humans had their day in the sun.

All the while, we vampires waited in darkness, suffering for centuries under the cruel hands of our mortal masters. Freedom came with the massive blast of a magnetic pulse. It triggered volcanic eruptions around the globe, choking the sun with ash and purging the human cities with fire. Now, in a world of perpetual twilight, we drink the blood of our enemies to satisfy the Thirst of Night.

Key Features:

  • Build a new vampire civilization in the ashes of the human world
  • Raise a powerful Gargoyle to defend your bloodline
  • Exterminate the human vermin and rival bloodlines with your vampire army
  • Play together with an alliance to combine your power and crush your enemies

Trailers and Gameplay videos

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