Supremacy 1914

Supremacy 1914 is a Browser-Based MMORTS set during World War 1 that allows up to 30 competitors to battle for control over Europe. You’ll be asked to assume control of a mighty nation in precarious Europe after the turn of the century. You’ll face the many challenges to become the undisputed sovereign leader of the entire continent using smart diplomacy or brute force to gain the advantage at every turn.

Audacious combat and the clever development of a prospering infrastructure are the foundation for victory. Yet, absolute power is reserved to the combatant who forms the most intelligent strategies and mightiest alliances. A sophisticated AI always ensures fun, even in rounds with less than 30 participants. The duration of one round varies between four to eight weeks; you play on a map where units move continuously instead of being listed in tables; like in most browser games.

Game features:

  • Form Alliances to Assist Your Development
  • MMORTS Gameplay — Experience Events in Real-Time!
  • 4-8 Week Scenarios with up to 30 Players!
  • Select Your Nation From All Europe Super-Powers!

Supremacy 1914 gameplay videos

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