SteelWar Online

SteelWar is a free to play, browser based, robot themed online strategy game (SLG) by PopPace.

You will be able to experience the plot and decide the end of stroy by yourself soon! Based on robots and fierce wars in galaxy, SteelWar Online will bestow upon players a variety of fashionable robots as vivid as the ones they viewed from classical comic series or even latest movies.

In SteelWar Online, players will act as a pilot who develops his universal base, enhances equipment, recruits pilots after he defeats them and finally create a corp to seek for the leadership in the universe.

Different from most of the traditional SLGs, players in SteelWar Online will be able to explore a series of maps and challenge legions of pilots from 3 factions as they mostly do in RPGs.

Map exploring is also a main way to grab advanced equipment and tons of Honor which can be used to improve technology research and enhance pilots’ abilities. But this doesn’t mean SteelWar Online forgets what makes it a SLG. In game, after players are ready, they can also invade to occupy others’ bases for materials, alone or with a corp! PvP or PvE is up to players’ choice!

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