RiotZone is a free-to-play Online Strategy Game published by You can lead the dangerous life of a soldier of fortune in tropical Merania,  assemble a team of mercenaries, command your own squad and take part in fierce battles.

Chose sides between one of two organizations challenging the Dictator in the civil-ravaged country: Do you want to see power handed over to the people, like the Scarlet Alliance? Or do you support the conservative monarchists of the Crown Coalition?

In the war against the Dictator you will have to make daring forays, set up ambushes, intercept convoys and storm military bases. In the lull between battles you will not have time to rest – the burden of setting up camp, training personnel, controlling finances and procuring supplies lies on your shoulders.

RiotZone story is set in the tropical jungle where players battle to deliver the future of the civil war torn state of Merania. Semi-automatic rounds show which of the two playable factions will emerge victorious from the war. Tactical decisions, the strategic outfit of mercenaries and clever handling of the special abilities available determine the difference between victory or defeat. A good dose of black humor, unique game characters and addictive gameplay attract fans to the monitor.

Hot battle for cool heads
Anti-malaria’s? Check. Food? Check. Adequate equipment? Check. Good preparation is essential in “RiotZone“. Gamers will not only fight for one of the two factions – The Red Alliance or the Coalition of the Crown – but also train their soldiers, upgrade weapons and expand their base. These role-playing elements turn out to be authoritative in later gameplay. Only the coolest strategic thinkers will prevail in numerous missions and PvP battles.

The game features many PvP modes: 1on1, 2on2 and 3on3 are just the beginning. Raids on enemy territory, conquest of resource-rich areas and large-scale battlefields require the commander within the gamer. Semi-automatic fights allow dynamic and spontaneous short-time battles where players can bring in a lot of extra firepower in form of various special abilities.

The factions:

Scarlet Alliance– an army of revolutionaries and anarchists, fighting against the totalitarianism of the Dictator.

The Alliance is led by the Commandant – an experienced and fair leader who has sworn to liberate his country from the tyrant, and to hand over power to the people. The Commandant believes that the country’s reserves of rithanium should be used to create a powerful national economy, free from outside influence.

The fighters of the Scarlet Alliance are idealists, fighting in the name of freedom. Nevertheless, in order to achieve victory they are not above using the cruellest methods imaginable. They compensate for their lack of high-tech weaponry with the support of the local population and their dashing bravery.

Crown Coalition– a group of mercenaries fighting on the side of the Baron, the legitimate heir of the dynasty overthrown by the Dictator.

The Baron is an intelligent and prudent leader, who is sincere about ensuring the prosperity of his country and not given over to abstract ideals. After the overthrow of the tyrant, he plans to ensure a massive influx of foreign capital to develop high-tech production. Taking advantage of his contacts in leading arms corporations, the Baron has equipped his army with state-of-the-art technology.

The Coalition fighters are experienced and cynical mercenaries, indifferent to the altruistic idealism of the Scarlet Alliance. They are only loyal to their contracts and are ready to spill their own blood or that of others for the sake of victory.

Key Features:

  • Simple and addictive gameplay
  • Short game sessions that do not require a lot of time
  • A unique system of missions of assignments and PvP encounters
  • A variety of weapons, armour and consumables, which can be upgraded
  • Lots of exciting PvP modes: capturing resources, team fights (1 on 1, 2 on 2, 3 on 3), raids on enemy territory, massive clashes for control of the game zone
  • Recruitment and training of your own squad of mercenaries
  • Strategic elements: developing your own mercenary base, obtaining resources, capturing enemy bases and defending your own
  • semi-automatic fight mode with indirect controls, where you can give your mercenaries special commands
  • Individual upgrading of character skills
  • 2 opposing factions
  • Free to play with Facebook Connect account
  • Available in English or Deutsh
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