Proeconomica is a free to play Business Economy Simulation Browser-based Game, a project that changes your virtual world. A project that creates opportunities and broadens the horizons . ProEconomica it’s not just a game – it’s an experience and most important … a real one!

In ProEconomica you can open and manage your own business and maybe even make some real money if you are successful but don’t think you will make a million $$ overnight. ProEconomica tries to mimic real world not only from a financial point of view but also from a political one.

Do you want to start-up a business without risks?Do you want to develop your entrepreneurial skills?Now you have an on-line economic simulator that comes with the solution for you and your business development. ProEconomica offers you a virtual world.You open your virtual business and, in exchange, you get real experience!

Even more – you can be the one that helps your virtual country to become a world leader in the economic sphere!

Not only you will get some experience for the real world but you will also be able to win real money, you don’t even have to invest 1 cent.

ProEconomica lets you open your first company free, the admins organize little contests all the time in-game and on facebook where you can win virtual currency.


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