Planet War

Planet War is a free to play space strategy browser game by Yoogames.

Dreaming to Exploring millions of galaxies? Create Planets alliance along with friends? Here you command powerful fleet, build fantastic flagship, join hundreds of fleets fight, and to produce your own Star Wars movie!

In order to enter the game, players should create character, select race and choose a Base of red or blue. All these have no differences attributes in game, so you can choose as you like. Click Confirm to enter the game.

Geographical structure of galaxy
There are four Arms in the ancient galaxy which are Orion Arm, Sagittarius Arm, Perseus Arm and 3kpc Arm. Two opposite camps on each Arm, Here’s the basic information as following:
Perseus Arm: The Perseus Arm sits 6, 370 light-years from the Solar System. The ancient Human Empire lost the Second Star War to the Pioneer Alliance, thus removed from the rule over the Perseus Arm. Afterwards, dissents bred within the Pioneer Alliance over the form of government, and eventually developed into a civil war. The advocates of autocracy and the supporters of democracy fought a desperate war, and came to a draw after both sides inflicted enormous losses. They were forced to sit down and sign a pact of peace. The autocratic rulers eventually prevailed. They set up the Antu Empire in the vicinity.

Faction: Antu Empire Archenemy: skeleton knight

Orion Arm: The Orion Arm houses the Solar System, home to the human race.

During the Second Star War, the Old Human Empire lost control over nearly all the galactic spiral arms, save the Orion Arm. While the winner of the Second Star War, the Pioneer Alliance was drawn into a civil war, the Orion Arm became a haven for peace. The Old Human Empire seized this opportunity to gather strength, and made itself rise again among the most powerful factions.

Faction: Earth Confederate Archenemy: Defence Force’

Sagittarius Arm: As the Second Star War came to an end, serious disagreement broke out within the Pioneer Alliance over the form of government. Some voiced for a democratic state, while others hoped to inherit the autocratic rule from the Old Human Empire. A small faction even liked to set up a theocracy. These three opinions caused serious unrest within the Pioneer Alliance and finally led to a civil war. After the war, those insisting on the democratic spirit of the Pioneer Alliance settled on the Sagittarius Arm and renewed the organization. The other major side set up the Antu Empire on the Perseus Arm.

Faction: Pioneer Alliance Archenemy: free ranger

3kpc Arm: Shortly after the civil war within the Pioneer Alliance started, a few activists who believed in a cosmos unified field departed from the Pioneer Alliance and sought to establish their Utopia in the galaxy. With the support of venture capital, they organized an army to defend the star gate to the 3kps Arm, their base of development. However, the venture capital betrayed these idealists. They were removed from the transient rule of this area. After that, the venture capitalists announced independence and set up the Ise Federation.

Faction: Ise Federation Archenemy: Incan Congregation


As a newbie in Planet War, player should be patient to read the tutorial. You can ignore the blue text in the presentation but must pay attention to the red text which is important for your prompt upgrade. Because the red text indicates the number and kinds of spacecrafts of enemy in quests one after another, player can arrange corresponding spacecrafts that is obtained in former quests so as to minimize the losses in this game in which zero loss doesn’t exist.

If begins the quests in Exploration, player will start their real fight on Planet War. So as to avoid to be wiped out by NPC, player must prepare for that. So the first important thing is to upgrade the Tech using Star Coin which is provided by system to meet the requirements of producing spacecrafts.

On Planet War, the battle is very cruel. Certain spacecraft could critically strike another one and both parties in battle could fire at the same time make the battle scene extraordinary. But the flaw is that battle between spacecrafts which can’t critically strike to another will last for a long time. So create the fleet according to the arrangement of enemy is necessary and effective.

There are two points should be noted:

1. Player should prior upgrade your Heavy Workshop Tech to lv 2. Then upgrade Advanced Engineering as higher as possible. In this way, on the basis of sufficient warship, player will occupy a place in the Galaxy with the vacant Base which is obtained by upgrading Advanced Engineering.

2. Pay more attention to Star Coin. The best way to earn more Star Coin is completing quests in Bounty. Player have the risk of being wiped out but could have better income in this way. Another way to earn Star Coin is to complete quests in system.

Above are all my experiences and ideas from 2 days’ play. The game screen is really good and I expect the further play.


As the protagonist, your role is an interstellar explorer on Planet War. After long time navigation, you have found a stellar system which has not been registered by the Galaxy Security Committee. After reporting to Security Committee, you are assigned as governor of this stellar system. From then on, your legend has been created.


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