Operation Gamma 41

Operation Gamma 41: The secrets of world war 2 is a real time strategy browser game set in the WW2. With the epic player driven story, your decisions really matter!

The year of 1941 was the most violent the world had seen to date. The frontlines between the Allied Imperial Forces and the Free Confederation, set in stone for so long, finally collapsed and broke into chaos. Many battles left lone cities surrounded by enemy territory, soldiers with only their closest comrades to rely on and the civilian populace in fear.

It was a time, where every single man willing to face his fears and take command had the chance to make a difference. They would lead their soldiers into the most dreadful battles. They started fortifying the devastated cities to stand their ground. They refused to give up.

Some battles were lost, but the war would wage on, no side willing to give in. However, while cities were burning and young heroes rose to glory, nobody was aware of an entirely different shadow emerging from the ashes of war.

Choose your side and decide the course of the war in this new strategy game Operation Gamma 41.

Two Factions
Choose between Allies and Axis factions, and brace yourself for a fatal encounter with a mysterious faction.

Competitive Combat Modes
Challenge your enemies in arena duels, single and Co-op mode, conquer their capitals and forge powerful alliances with your friends.

War Heroes
Choose between various, powerful, customizable and upgradable war leaders with different skills and status, and breed your own heroes.

Direct Battle Control
Control your ground and airborne troops – move and attack directly.

Unlimited City Expansion
Build, expand and upgrade your cities and your military bases without limitation.


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