Nemexia is a free to play browser based massively multiplayer online game of the strategy genre. It is set in a fictitious universe inhabited by three races of intelligent life. In Nemexia you have to manage a space empire along with all its economic and military aspects.

Each player possesses their own empire and competes with other players to achieve space supremacy. You can choose from 3 different races, each of the Races has its own advantages and disadvantages.

There are several resources in Nemexia for you to manage:

  • Economic resources – Metal, Minerals and Gas – they are currencies used to pay for buildings, ships, upgrades of ships, sciences, etc.;
  • Energy – power that needs to be present for buildings to be constructed;
  • Population – this represents space in hangars where ships have to be stored, ships can’t be built without free Population;
  • Ozone – environmental resource; affects energy production and can make a Planet temporarily useless if there isn’t enough of it.

Nemexia Videos

Nemexia Gameplay


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