MyGladiators is a free browser based simulation game of historic gladiator fights. The user becomes the owner of a gladiator school in the ancient Rome and competes with other players by managing a group of brave gladiators and participating in different tournaments.

The goal is to build up a strong team of gladiators, to win tournaments and to earn arwards, gold and honour!

MyGladiators features:

– Slave market and tavern with vendors, where you can hire team members
– Gladiator’s school to train your tournament fighters
– Historical inspirated types of fighters: Retiarii, Dimachaeri, Secutor, Thrace etc. – in total: 10 different types of fighters
– Dozens of tournaments with various awards and new challenges every day
– Rich variety of combats from 1vs1 to 7vs7 fights
– Exciting political life: Elections to the Senate, debates and votings
– Guilds founded by players are fighting for their political and geographical interests

MyGladiators Gameplay videos

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