Might & Magic : Heroes Kingdoms

Might & Magic : Heroes Kingdoms is a web based strategy game, you play within your browser, there is nothing to download, nothing to install, you can even play with your Facebook account. The game is free to play as long as you like.

In  Might & Magic : Heroes Kingdoms you make far-reaching decisions affecting your whole kingdom, and fight with your allies against other groups of players. This is Heroes of M&M so you will find the PC game’s logic and theme in this massively multiplayer version.

You play this game by giving orders to heroes or towns: attack monsters, construct buildings, spy on neighbors, pillage a town…Each order needs some time to be carried out (a few minutes, hours, or days), although you don’t need to stay connected while your orders are being carried out you may return after some time and check the results of your actions.

Your first actions will be to hire heroes and conquer the mines surrounding your starting town, you will then upgrade your mines in order to improve your income, add new buildings to your city to gather more troops and access additional options. Develop your heroes: make them learn skills, use artifacts, contact your neighbors to assess their attitude toward you: friend or foe eventually settle a second town to expand your kingdom.

As you progress in the game, other options will rise, like to join or create an alliance,enter full scale wars to carve territories,trade resources, buy and sell on the market,discover the meaning of Ashan and control the world.

Heroes are your main tool for controlling and expanding your kingdom, they lead armies, spy on enemies, and construct regional buildings around your town, they are recruited through the tavern, each hero has a particular method of training. The training guides the evolution of a hero’s characteristics.
Trainings available in the tavern depends on the town’s faction and each hero can choose up to 3 class paths and learn 3 to 5 skills are available in each path. Some classes allow the hero to cast spells during combat.
Artifacts can be found in regions. A hero can be equipped with up to 8 artifacts.

Towns are the main source of your power, it is where you hire heroes, recruit armies, and gather resources, 4 mines are located around your city. They can be upgraded to improve the town’s resource income. Your city is at the center of a region of 24 squares, all full of monsters, defeat these monsters to collect resources, artifacts and to free space for region buildings.
Resources can be sold through the marketplace and Caravans move resources from one town to another.
Buildings can boost your economy, provide a defense bonus and other various effects, you must expand your town, develop your economy as well as your heroes in order to gain the right to build new towns, each town projects a zone of control depending on its level multiplied by the size of its army.

Armies are composed of units, which comprise your military strength, battles are divided into successive rounds:

  • In round 1, the first unit of your army attacks the first enemy unit. At the end of the round, one unit is routed and the other remains in the fight
  • Round 2, the survivors of the remaining initial unit engage the second enemy unit, and so on until one unit remains

Hero characteristics have an influence on the battle: For the attacking army, attack characteristics gives 0.5% bonus per point to the power of the entire army. Defense characteristics are taken into account if the hero and his army are in defending, some other bonus are taken into account in the calculation: town and region defenses, skills, artifacts, spells
At the end of each battle, only 30% of routed troops are permanently lost. This means that if your army is completely disbanded, it will regroup after and you will still control 70% of your original army’s power.

You can spy on your neighbors to get information, but beware of getting captured or wounded, it is possible to steal resources from your enemies by sending armies to pillage their mines.Another option is to assault the enemy town in order to kill the garrisoned army, finally, you may lay siege to a town and capture it after some time passes, during the siege, you may assault the walls to kill the garrison or use catapults to destroy town buildings, but be careful when you are moving inside an enemy territory. Your army will have to halt every 4 squares. When halted, your army can be spied upon and attacked.
You can defend your territory against pillaging by putting a hero and his army on patrol, you can support a patrolling hero by building forts in your region. They will give defense bonuses to your patrol and save goods in case the pillage is successful.

Any player can create an alliance. Then, he is free to invite up to 20 players to it, to join an alliance, just accept an invitation, all individual player control zones are merged within a single alliance. Thus, the heart of your territory is well protected, an alliance chief can give specific jobs to members of his alliance. By accepting these jobs they will get tools to manage military, information, and commerce, it is often a good idea to exchange resources within an alliance, the auction house allows to bid on offers and request resources.

There are 3 rankings in Might and Magic: Heroes Kingdoms:

  • The Domination ranking rewards players that battle a lot and manage large territories.
  • The Wealth ranking is for players that like trade, betting on the markets and building a strong economy.
  • The Honor ranking is good for players that take meticulous care of their troops and Heroes, allowing them to stand up to enemies stronger than them.

Each ranking has 10 levels. Players receive a reward each time they reach a new level.

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