Lagoonia is a 2D browser game from InnoGames! You are the only survivor of an airplane crash, stranded on a lonely island in the South Seas. Will you be able to find other survivors and with them to build your own little paradise?

Lagoonia is an island exploration and management game, with great visuals and diversified gameplay.

“In Lagoonia, you do not play against, but with each other. The mood and social relationships of the characters are in the forefront of the gameplay. The setting particularly breaks new ground for us: the scenario is reminiscent of Robinson Crusoe or Cast Away. This combination of gameplay and setting is what makes the game so special” explains Kathleen Kunze, Lagoonia’s game designer.

Discover a desert island, meet other castaways, build your tropical paradise!

Welcome to the South Seas!
In the clear water of the surf, smoldering wreckage of an airplane slowly washes closer to shore. Crashed! Now what to do? Explore tropical island landscapes, rescue other survivors and together, build a prosperous island society. Make contact with other stranded players, find friends and assist them in designing their islands.

Things to do:
– Plan and build hundreds of buildings
– Collect dozens of building materials
– Lead your islanders to friends and love
– Talk, flirt and comfort
– Have children and develop a family
– Explore foreign islands and find new friends among fellow players
– Non-competitive gameplay
– No time pressure

Lagoonia Trailer and gameplay videos

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