Knights of the Sky

Knights of the Sky is a browser MMORTS and role playing game by ATLUS ONLINE. Enjoy a no-download RPG experience that’s completely free to play online.

Get geared up for PvE and PvP action as you join the Federation or Empire in conquering Odyssya.

Enter the role of a Lord, a great hero destined to lead a Sky Castle. The world of Odyssya is rich with resources, monsters, and treasure; use them to plunder, conquer, and expand an airborne empire!

Players must decide where they stand in the feudal struggle between the Hales Empire and Anjelou Federation. Then they develop military and domestic strategies so they may challenge the other side for world dominance.

Knights of the Sky includes city building, turn-based combat, and real-time gameplay. Build lasting friendships and make new foes within a casual yet challenging environment. When outside the game, players can visit the ATLUS ONLINE forum and Facebook community to discuss their next in-game strategy.

It’s up to you to construct Odyssya’s greatest Sky Castle, then lead soldiers, griffons, and airships into battle. Fight in the name of one of two community-driven nations.

The Federation and Empire have unique tutorial girls that are there to help you get started. Follow their arrows and instructions to become an online RTS master!

There’s also something for the hardcore gamer with this no-download RPG. With daily quests, a deep storyline, and an array of achievements to explore, you’ll always have the opportunity to embark on a new adventure.

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