Jagged Alliance Online

Jagged Alliance Online is a free to play browser strategy game developed by bitComposer Games GmbH and published by Gamigo AG, bringing the classic turn-based strategy game back to life.
With modern graphics, proven games mechanics and elaborate AI, the browser game fits perfectly into the footsteps of the Jagged Alliance series. Players can complete more than 100 challenging missions and challenge friends in the innovative PvP mode to find out who is the true master of turn-based strategy.

For the first time ever, you and your team of mercenaries can go head-to-head not only against the game’s brilliant AI but against other players as well.

You train and equip your mercenaries and send them on a wide variety of missions all around the globe. You can play the missions directly on the tactical map, using the critically acclaimed Jagged Alliance mix of turn-based and real-time combat. Mercenaries use action points for every action from walking to shooting, hiding, taking cover or unarming a bomb trap.

Mercenaries collect experience and can be trained in various skills and abilities. Each mercenary has an individual character and abilities making them unique.
You can also choose to accept campaigns, which are essentially a string of missions on a specific map that need to be resolved within a given time frame.
You can also support other player’s campaigns by renting mercenaries for a certain amount of time and strengthen your team by using mercs from your friends.
The game can be played as a normal browser game, managing mercenaries and sending them on missions or players can dive into the action on the tactical map, improving their chances and rewards.


Merc Pool and Storage: At the bottom of the screen is your merc pool. It lists all the mercenaries you’ve hired and displays their status. On the right you see the HQ storage – it holds all your stuff.

HQ Buildings: There are a number of buildings in your HQ. In the Hospital you can patch up your mercenaries when they get shot. In the Workshop you can repair equipment and the drill yard lets you train mercs.

Reputation: The top panel also displays your company info. Reputation is the most important. Higher reputation lets you buy better gear and hire better mercs. It is earned by completing missions.

Cash and Gold: The top panel displays your cash and gold. Cash is earned through missions and is used to hire mercs and buy gear. Gold is rare and can be traded for unique guns and items, as well as hiring mercs permanently.

Shops: There are two shops: one for buying weapons, armor, ammo and consumables and one for hiring mercenaries. Click on the Shop button to open a shop.

Fuel: This HQ is set up in a remote location, so we’re dependent on our own generator. The hospital and workshop need fuel to power their tools. Fuel is replenished over time and can be bought with gold.

World Map

Contract Selection: Click on a contract to select it. A contract consists of a number of missions – each mission will be paid for in cash upon completion. You can always go back to previous contracts and replay them.

Contract Requirements: Not all contracts are highlighted in the beginning. For some, you will need to increase your reputation first; others require that you complete a special contract.

Key features:

  • Top-notch 3D graphics based on the Unity 3D engine
  • More than 100 missions in all corners of the world
  • More than 60 types of mercenaries with individual abilities
  • Hundreds of different weapons and countless equipment items
  • Expandable player-owned headquarters
  • Special PvP missions with an honor system for players


Trailer and gameplay videos


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