Ikariam is a free browser game. Your challenge is to lead a nation through the ancient world and to build towns, trade and conquer islands.

The sound of the sea, a white sandy beach and sun! On a small island somewhere in the Mediterranean, an ancient civilisation arises. Under your leadership an era of wealth and discovery begins. Welcome to Ikariam.

There are five resources distributed over the islands of the world:

Building Material, Wine, Marble, Crystal Glass and Sulphur.

During the game you will definitely need a lot of building material – assign workers in order to get building material and expand the resource deposits together with the other players on the island!

Key features:

  • Beginner-Friendly
    Start off by creating your town in a protected environment and gradually discover the countless opportunities in the world of Ikariam.
  • Suitable for occasional players
    Your people will continue to work on the jobs they are assigned to even if you are not there. As their leader you can occasionally take a breaks without putting your achievements in danger.
  • Cooperative Gameplay
    Found an alliance, confederate with your friends, form trade treaties and go on pillaging missions with your allies.

Ikariam is available in lots of languages each with its own server.

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