Final Eden

Final Eden is a new online strategy browser game from Kabam. Set in the desolate wastelands of the fictional world of Final Eden, it doesn’t matter where you came from…only what you can prove yourself to be. The race is on to see who can take control of this post-apocalyptic landscape during this critical time!

The world ended on December 21, 2012 in a cataclysmic event that left very few survivors. The few who survived have only recently started to rebuild on the backbone of past civilization and organized into tribes, but live in a world of anarchy. As a tribal chief, you must rebuild, defend your base from rival gangs, and assemble an army to battle for precious resources.

The gameplay is very similar to other titles from Kabam, like Global Warfare, you start the game with the help of an assistant that will be on your side through you journey, first suggesting tasks and mission and later on where you can claim your rewards and see what follows.

In the game you have to build several types of structures, divided into Resources, Defense and Combat, each category has several buildings to place and upgrade as you advance in the game, basically, resources are used to build and upgrade other buildings or to produce troops.

The combat is automated, and uses tower defense mechanics, where you have to carefully choose the best place to drop your troops, on the other hand, you have to strategically position your defensive building, like turrets and Grenade launcher to maximize your defenses and secure your buildings.

Final Eden features PVP and PVE, clans and real-time chat. The graphics are great and the gameplay is fluid and Fast.

Trailers and gameplay Videos

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