Escaria is a free to play online browser strategy game by InqNet, based on a unique concept: Your island is moveable! Players can choose between Romans, Vikings and Aztecs to play.

You want to have and create your own island? Escaria gives you that chance.
You will start with a small island an have to build it up. The structure of your island can be choosen by you. So feel free where you add your island tiles, and which buildings or resource fields you build on them.

Move your island through the sea of Escaria, to explore the world. Fight against kraken to have more food, board merchant fleets for more resources. Play as a single player, or in a guild with other real players. Compete against thousands of other players and lead your island to glory!

War, peace, trade, growth – your strategy decides!


Upgrading your Island is essential for your glorious future.  To expand your Island you need flat land tiles and mountain tiles, which you recieve twice daily at an Island Spring. How you upgrade you Island is up to you – here there are no boundaries.

An important factor for a golden future is a flourishing Economy.
It is important for you to find and create your own technique of construction. The higher your level, the more fields can be managed and cultivated by your workers. Later in the course of the game you will be able to construct buildings that positively influence your resource buildings. Make sure to have enough warehouse space, otherwise important resources may be lost.

In the world of Escaria you play as a movable Island.
To get ahead in the game, it is essential to explore the Ocean Map. You will find Island springs enabling you to expand your Island, Trading Posts which you can trade with and provide protection from your enemies, NPC’s that provide valuable resources, and other players to interact with.

It is imperative for you as the owner of a magnificent Island to always upgrade your buildings.

The more your buildings are upgraded, the more possibilities you will have to build new buildings and to train stronger Units. You will clearly see the progress your Island makes.

Escaria offers many options for interaction. You can trade with trade posts from your Island, slay Kraken and provide food for your nation.

With your mighty army you can wage war on other players, you can also join and start guilds with other players and support them against other guilds or players.

Enter the world of Escaria and experience the innovative, revolutionary gaming experience no browser game has ever been able to achieve.


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