eRepublik is an online strategy browser game set in a parallel version of our world, where you have the opportunity to play as a citizen, you have to eat and maintain your health, work and fight, there are so much possibilities in this really different game, that it is hard to describe them all.

First this is a browser game, with a strong social base, where 0ver 99% of the game world has been created by its players, called citizens. So this is a strategy game where you take actions as an individual, first to survive and later to influence the course of the game world in a much larger scale.

To have an idea of what eRepublik offers, just know that you can work as an employees or start your own business, create newspapers and political parties, run for president of your country, join the military and much more.

Europe Map

The game is designed to be played from 15 to 30 minutes a day for an average player, with focus on intense and rewarding experience for that period of time, of course the more you play the faster you’ll earn experience and money.

There are a few basic tasks to start with, first you must eat to survive and keep yourself healthy, once a day the highest quality food unit from your inventory is automatically consumed. Food can be purchased from the marketplace. Remember to always have food to keep your wellness level ok.

Wellness represents your citizen’s health and happiness indicator. It helps you reach a higher productivity when you work and also increases your level of damage in a fight. If the wellness level reaches zero, you die 🙂

Experience measures your progress in the game, each time you train, work or eat you receive one experience point, which will also serve to unlock new features and things to do.

Other features of eRepublik include the military side, where you can engage in epic turn based battles and PvP fights on the battlefield. This usually involve several players in Country vs Country wars, that can actually change the game map distribution.

Additionally, instead of pursuing a “normal” job, you can try your own military career in various
weapon categories (tanks, infantry, artillery, helicopter).

There are much more to be said about eRepublik, but you can try it yourself, it has a great tutorial system, with step by step instructions and help, nice visuals and really deep gameplay, constant update and events. If you like strategy with social interaction and want to try something different you should give it a try!

Available in many languages, usually your country if available.

Trailers and gameplay Videos

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