Empire Rising

Empire Rising is a browser based MMORTS set in 1435 AD, a dark chapter in history,  tensions between Christian and Muslim cultures exploded into bloody battles between rival nations like Britain and France in the West and the Ottomans and Prussians in the East. Innocent citizens are severely tormented by flames of war, and the world is on the verge of falling apart. Barbarians and raiders roam through the land destroying all in their path, you are the Powerful leader to guide the world to peace and prosperity!

Build your empire, marshal your armies, defeat your foes, and watch your rise lead the world into a new age!

Empire Rising lets you choose between 4 different nations, each with unique units and different bonus.

Empire Rising features a full map of Europe for you to explore and rule, the option to rule over your neighbors.

You can also play in different age, from the Dark ages to Empire age, ensuring lots of varied gameplay.

Empire Rising feature a great tutorial and guided quest features will make the game accessible to players new to real time strategy games.

Empire Rising can be played directly with your browser with no downloads.

Empire Rising Gameplay Video

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