Dragon Crusade

Dragon Crusade is a new real-time online strategy game (MMORTS) developed by Sun-Ground Co., LTD. and published by Aeria Games.

This is a quest based browser game and allows players to build empires of unparalleled  power, recruit heroes to lead their armies and battle their way through the rank system by forging alliances and defeating enemies.

In Dragon Crusade you can choose to play with one of the six different available races such as Dark Elf, Forest Elf, Azraen, Dwarf, Human, and Magi, ranging from grim cities of shadows  and bone dragons to the bright, verdant domain of ethereal forest elves, and experience the unique buildings,  troops, and abilities that each has to offer.

Throughout the gameplay you have to gather and maintain resources and equipment (including armor, weapons, shields, and gems). Choose your style and use brute force tactics or diplomatic strategies, but improve your expertise to achieving the ultimate domination.

Human City View

Other features include instances, customizable equipment and arena system.

Dragon Crusade is to be launched for the next few weeks, and once it is we’ll have a gameplay video and more information, for now you can check some of the announced features that developers have sent us.

Key Features:

  • Pillage and Plunder an Evolving Landscape – No love is lost between cities struggling to survive a hardscrabble  land  of  demons  and  darkness. Players can use brute force to conquer other territories and claim precious resources, but must maintain stalwart defenses, lest their own city fall victim.
  • Customizable Heroes, Mounts, and Pets – As players’ battle-hungry heroes level up, distribute skill points among their varied attributes to build the ultimate berserker or deadliest mage. Mounts and pets boost their skills further, assuring victory in both real battle and the arena.
  • Sprawling, Multi-city Kingdoms – Players will build up numerous cities into an intimidating kingdom guarded by hundreds of troops. Heroes will bask in glory while their enemies will tremble at the thought of invasion. They cannot grow careless, however there’s always a new power on the rise.
  • Strong Alliances – Players can form an alliance and take on the world with superior capabilities.The Alliance Head can select coordinates on the map at which to build an  Alliance fort. Store resources in the Alliance warehouse, manage Alliance technology in the Tech Center, and participate as a unit in Alliance Arena.
  • Blood-soaked Arenas – Any hero deployed from a city that holds an arena can participate in the arena system, competing gladiator-style against heroes from other cities. A heartening battle-cry submits the challenge, while using a buff or special effect before a match can ensure victory!

While it looks like a great title for strategy fans, Dragon Crusade gameplay  and balance is yet to be tested. But you can already signup to the game by visiting the Official Page.

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