Dark Orbit

Dark Orbit is a free online space shooter game by BigPoint, that will see you take control of your own space fighter and explore the bitter reaches of space. You first have to select one of three factions: The Mars Mining Operation, Earth Union, or Venus Protection Corporation, which all offer slightly varied styles of play.

Once you’ve selected your faction and begun playing, you’ll need to purchase a new ship, as the ship you begin with is actually quite terrible. After purchasing your new ship, you should spend the rest of your starting money on ammunition and extra armor. With your new upgrades, you should be able to hold your own against both NPCs and other players in the beginner zones. Not only will you have to defend against the other two warring factions, but your own faction allies can even attack you if they so choose to making Dark Orbit a dangerous world to explore, and one that you should be properly prepared for.

The controls in Dark Orbit are fairly simple. Movement is achieved using point and click mechanics, but in a great move there’s an autopilot system, which will let you select a spot on the map and have your ship move their automatically, without tons of clicking. Attacking enemy ships and aliens is also accomplished by left clicking on them. In PVP it’s recommended you learn to strafe to help dodge your opponent, since unlike NPCs, players will try to anticipate your moves.

It will be in your best interest to beat other players, as not only do you protect your ship, but you can actually earn rewards through PVP combat in the form of XP and loot drops, including minerals and supplies. Of course, it’s not required. Dark Orbit offers a fully-fledged questing and levelling system alongside upgrading your ship and outfitting it with new parts, but PvP is available, and will definitely help you survive.

Duty calls! Enlist today and become a space pilot. Explore dangerous galaxies far, far away, fight in the service of your company, and win interstellar battles!

In Dark Orbit, which has achieved cult status among space games, millions of players roam the galaxies with their guns armed and ready for action.

The galaxies of one of the all-time favorite space shooters ever are fraught with danger, and players must keep on their guard while looking for raw materials, discovering new maps or trying to complete new missions. Unite with your friends to stand the best chances of survival: Ruthless space pirates known as the Reapers scour your company’s sectors, terrorizing anyone who crosses their path. Launch a counter-offensive and take them down!

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