Carte is a fast paced global online trading card game published by GamesCampus. Choose a Hero, build a deck and launch into exciting battles with fierce weapons and allies.  Create and master endless strategies with an arsenal of spells and creatures to conquer your opponents.   With an easy to learn system coupled with a user friendly interface, Carte is ready for new players as well as grizzled TCG veterans and everything in between.

Dive into a vivid universe with unique factions, each with their own distinct art and creative art styles!  Carte introduces five nations locked in eternal combat over the land of Arcadia.  First formed by the god, who left behind 5 Great Spirits to tend to the new world.  Each Kingdom represents one of the Spirits, battling for dominance in their name.  Become a member of The Iron Empire, and represent Aspire; slither into the Kingdom of Darkness, who represents Kaideron; bloom in the Kingdom of Nature under the eye of Sierron; pray for the blessing of Saike in the Divine Empire; or learn to master powerful spells in the Magician’s Association, who revere Archan.

In Carte, players can find a helping hand by joining a Guild of like-minded card enthusiasts.  Guilds will be of aid to players in multiplayer battlefields, but with more reward comes more risk.  With tournaments held throughout the day, players can prove their prowess as the best warrior in the land – or team up in Raid mode to battle epic monsters together in order to obtain materials that will create highly coveted, rare cards to build the most exciting decks yet!

How to play

Carte is a trading card game in which each card in your deck can be used either as a resource to play other cards, or for a special effect that will help you win the game.

You are represented by your Hero card. Your goal is to reduce your opponent’s Hero to 0 HP (hit points) or less. You lose the game if your Hero is reduced to 0 HP or less. Generally, the best way to reduce the opposing Hero’s HP is to attack it with creature cards.

At the beginning of the game, your deck is shuffled and you draw 7 cards from the top into your hand. Each turn, you may put one card from your hand into your Mana zone. Cards in your Mana zone provide Mana, the resource you use to play cards from your hand.

Each card has a Level, represented by the orange dots along its top border. To play a card, you must pay Mana equal to its level. The exceptions are Shard cards, which can be placed into the Shard zone for free and will add to your Mana on your next turn. It is usually a good idea to play a Shard instead of putting a card into your Mana zone.

Place cards into your Mana or Shard zone until you have enough Mana to play your cards. Your Mana refills at the beginning of each of your turns, so you can play any cards you can afford each turn.

Place creatures into the Attack Zone to be able to attack your opponent and reduce their HP. Creatures can’t attack on the turn you play them, but on later turns you can click the creature and choose “Attack” to attack with them. Place creatures in the Defense Zone to use them to defend your Hero or other creatures from attacks. Attacking and defending well are the keys to success in Carte!

Other cards, such as Trap, Magic, and Item cards can help you achieve victory by improving your creatures or Hero, damaging your opponent’s creatures or Hero, or other effects. Trap and Magic cards can only take effect once, but Item cards stay in play and you can use their effect every turn.

When choosing your deck, try out each of the starter decks to get a feel for each nation. Each nation has its own strengths and weaknesses.

Aspire – Red – High AP, aggressive creatures, strong items.
Kaideron – Purple – Balanced creatures, weakens enemies.
Sierrion – Green – Many small creatures, extra mana, strengthens own creatures.
Saike – White – Specialized offensive or defensive creatures, life gaining.
Archan – Blue – Magic damage, card drawing, weak creatures.

Carte Help Tips for beginners (by oversight9)

I know the first thing I did was switch to fullscreen :) press escape to go to options to access this feature
When you first login to the game and recieve your coin bonus and your 5 starter decks, You should test out the decks and see what Union (color) you like best and then go to the shop . Now when you enter the shop you will see 4 Buttons you can push which are Booster Shop, LP Shop, CC Shop, and Deck Shop. I will go over these features briefly but for now just click on Deck Shop and buy an upgrade for your favorite Union.

Trading Coming soon as Rico said they realize its not a TCG without Trading

Leveling up
You level up based on the amount of experience you gain from playing matches. The lower the number beside your name the higher level you are. Every time you level up you gain LC to use for booster packs and LP to use however you wish.

Tournaments are every 2 hours but that is subject to change as im not a GM lol Tournament rewards are as follows

losing first round = total 150 coins

losing second round = total 420 coins

losing third round = total 690 coins

losing nothing = total 1210 coins (210 coins + 1LC <worth 1000 coins>)

A group of 3 people team up to take down one enemy. You can gain material cards, special raid cards, and coin from this mode. Special decks are needed to win in this mode.

This Feature is basically a guild. A group of people you join up with to talk. I dont know if there are any future plans like Crew Tournaments but i think itd be kinda cool :)

Carte Currencies

So there are 3 main currencies for Carte and they are as follows

Coin – Silver coin used to buy Booster and Deck packs/exchange cards. Earned through playing multiplayer, Participating in tournaments, selling cards (see card management below), or buying CC online and exchanging it for coin. You can also get a daily login bonus of a stacking 100 coin bonus up to 500 coins a day max.

LP – The most common it looks like a red orb and is used to buy cards in the LP shop or can be used in exchanging. Obtainable by just about anything. Selling cards, playing matches with others, leveling up. ANY UNUSED LP WILL BE CONVERTED TO EXP AT FIRST MONTHLY MAINTENANCE

LC – Looks like a piece of paper (to the right of LP) and it is used to buy Booster packs or to buy individual cards from booster packs. it costs 15 LC to buy a booster pack and 1 LC for a random card from any booster. Obtainable through leveling up, winning a tournament, or completing so many matches a day (I think I get them as rewards sometimes) ANY UNUSED LC WILL BE CONVERTED TO EXP AT FIRST MONTHLY MAINTENANCE

You can also obtain coins through the many event the GMs are generously donating their time to do.

The rarest of all is CC which you can use to buy items and coins but since you have to buy those I don’t consider it an in game currency. Those are the gold coins.


Booster Shop- You can buy any booster pack released in this shop with coin or LC. In every booster you buy there is 1 guranteed rare (or Collectors Edition if you are lucky), several uncommon and common cards.

LP Shop- This area is designed for people to buy cards with their LP. YOU CAN BUY HEROS HERE Since LP is common you should have no problems buying 4 copies of any card you want in here to design your deck.

CC Shop- This section is ONLY for those who have bought Campus Credits. You can trade them for different boosts or for coins here. To buy campus credits go to the main website and click add CC or buy one of the many prepaid cards associated with Gamescampus (full list of them when you click add CC)

Deck Shop- You can trade your coins for decks here. However no other currency works to buy decks which is why it is recommended to buy a deck when you first start out.

Finally for those who want to know how to get the cards they want

This section has several parts to it and they are as follows

Cards Album- Here you can view all the cards you have for each Union. If you collect all the cards in a collection you can get a 5/5 Creature card specific to that Union. However you can only claim each reward once.

Sale- Here is where you can sell your cards for either coin or LP depending on the card you choose to sell. This is a great feature to get rid of some extra cards and get cash for boosters in the process. However dont sell them all until you read about dissassembling.

Exchange- Here you can trade any card of one rarity and get a different card of the same rarity. An example is I exchange a rare and get a different rare. However this costs coin and LP and the card outcome is completely random so i dont recommend this for beginners. It is also possible to get a collectors edition when exchanging. Rate varies based on the rarity of the card you are exchanging.

Disassembling- Here you can dissassemble cards (destroy) for material cards used for combining. Any card that is not common can be disassembled. You get 1 of 4 cards needed for combining every time and it is based on the card you use. Lets say i had a rare Kaideron item card from edition 2-3. I would have a 25 percent chance to get an item material card, a rare material card, a Kaideron material card, or edition 2-3 material card. There are many material cards and their only use is combining. There is also a small chance based on the card you use to get some very rare and unique cards (havnt seen them myself)

Combining- Material cards can be obtained for combining in 2 way. Dissassembling cards or from rewards in Duels/Raids.
To combing you need an edition card, a Union Card, a rarity card, and a type card (item, creature, magic, etc). The card you get back is based on the material cards you used. My advice on this is find the cards you want, then find which edition its from (booster packs have edition numbers labelled on them so if its in that booster pack you know thats the edition) and combine your own cards. If you can handle dissassembling a bunch of cards this can be a good way of getting any card you want.


During a duel always place a shard into the shard zone unless you need 1 more mana to play your cards because it gives you 1 more card so its like getting free mana without losing a card.

Find your deck’s weakness and put cards in your deck to counter it. Use cards from other unions if necessary.

Don’t forget about that handy refresh button beside the end turn button if you run out of shards or need a certain card to counter an opponent. The person who attacks first gets one refresh and whoever attacks second gets 2.

You can never go wrong with cards that help you draw cards. Whether it be a tarot or a magic spell.

Do not put too many cards of other unions than your hero into your deck because you take 1 damage for summoning a normal card, 2 damage for loyalty 1, 2 damage for loyalty 2, etc

If the time limit runs out in a tournament the winner is declared based on the time taken during his or her turn so know your deck inside and out.

For more check the tutorial and Ridori’s thread here viewtopic.php?f=744&t=102233
or you can consult the Carte Wiki by WSzP at

Card Types and Zones

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