Business Tycoon Online

Business Tycoon Online, or just BTO,  is a free to play browser based business simulation game developed by Dovogame. In BTO, players start from scratch and take the role of an entrepreneur that is just breaking through into the tough business world of Liberty City. Through hard work and dedication, players can expand their business and raise their social status as they try to become one of the socialites of Liberty City. In Liberty City, your business dreams can become a reality as you establish your own company and build a powerful business empire!

From the very beginning of creating your company, you will face constant challenges. As a business tycoon you have the ability to open more than 100 different kinds of stores, their success or failure is in your hands. In addition to opening your stores, you will also need to recruit employees and arrange their training. Every day, different kinds of meetings are waiting for you to attend. Your performance will affect board directors’ impressions on you. In order to become a well-connected socialite of Liberty City and expand your network, you will need to widen your social circles and interact with the other entrepreneurs around you. When faced with fierce market competition, you should be ready for any and all challenges that will come your way.

Key features:

Shop-factory integration provides more business experience.
There are 4 types of industries in game, namely, Entertainment Industry, Catering Industry, Service Industry and Sales Industry. Players can only select 1 of them. Not only can you open your stores, but you can also set up factory in game to produce what is needed for business.

Employees have 6 classes to show their players’ power.
Staff are the most important partners for strengthening players’ power. They can be divided into 6 classes and represented by 6 colors. The most capable employees are represented in Orange, and then Red, Purple, Blue, Green, and White. Employees’ ability has not only an effect on stores’ revenue, but also a significant effect on all kinds of events. All the players dream of possessing an employee with extraordinary working capability.

A smart secretary helps you improve work efficiency.
Your smart secretary can deal with all kinds of business to improve your work efficiency and gain reward. Ten beautiful young female secretaries plus two handsome male secretaries can meet your personalized need and let you experience boss life in a relaxed and happy mood.

The City Hall provides special rights to honorable players.
Players can be voted into the City Hall where members can hold status and power on the server. However, if you are an unsatisfactory representative, you can be impeached by the players.

Various synthesis systems make luxurious vehicles of your own.
As a successful man, you should own super cars, private helicopters, honorable medals, valuable suits. You can synthesize all of your dream vehicles in Bell Lab. The synthesized vehicles have extra Attributes, which can give you a sudden rise in social status and wealth.

Interactive media system builds a good reputation for your company.
In the game you can pay a certain amount of money to the media to increase your company reputation or decrease your rival’s reputation. Don’t consider this despicable; this is a basic skill in the cruel business battlefield.


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