Bloody Bite

Bloody Bite is a new building strategy game from Gamigo, the game is now closed beta and evolves around the eternal fight between Vampires and Werewolves.

“Power hungry creatures of the night are no longer hiding in the shadows. It’s the beginning of the twentieth century and they have emerged to take over as the rulers of the Earth. Vampires and werewolves battle for dominion in metropolises around the globe including London, Berlin and New York.  Humans have only one purpose now – to serve their new masters!

In Bloody Bite, you choose whether you want to play as a vampire or a werewolf and can then conquer buildings in select cities and expand them to increase your sphere of influence.  Oppressed and ill-treated humans might provide more resources but can easily be provoked to riot. Missions will need to be completed all around the world in order to unlock new regions.  Join a clan to conquer important cities together!”

Game Features:

  • – The battle between vampires and werewolves, set in the 1920s
  • – Conquer and expand buildings in metropolises around the world
  • – Chose between playing it safe or the risky approach
  • – Riots in the cities
  • – PvE missions against legendary monsters and other creatures
  • – Special PvE instances (including Frankenstein’s Laboratory)
  • – PvP system
  • – Clan system with battles for important quest areas
  • – Crafting system
  • – Comprehensive character creation and development (appearance, weapons, outfits, pets)
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