Angry Farmer

Angry Farmer is a new rts (real time strategy) cross-platform social network game but, unlike other “social” games which you play all by yourself and visit your friends only once per day, in Angry Farmer you can play with your buddies all day long.The plot of the game is simple – two players compete with each other for safekeeping of their crops and land. The farmer who manages to destroy the opponent’s field before losing his own is the winner.

So, challenge your friends and other players, gain experience and earn credits to purchase new skills and build your own villa.


Battles are very dynamic and challenging. Harvesting crops will give you coins and replenish your energy. These resources are used for skill activation. Skills are located on the panel below your battlefield. You can choose additional skills during the fight by picking them up from the left bar.

After planting, it takes some time for a plant to bear fruits and afterwards they can easily be picked up simply by dragging the mouse over them.

All the dialogues and achievements are written with love and humor.

Key features:

  • Innovative gameplay – full pvp, that most social game developers trying to avoid using in their projects.
  • Colorful and fun design – Easy and non-aggressive vegetable faces and special look for Kickstarter backers – popular trollfaces mems, imprinted on veggies.
  • Fast passed combat – battles are very dynamic and you have to constantly improve your strategy and experiment with your skills to win.
  • And don’t forget – corny jokes 🙂

Alpha version of the game is available at

Kickstarter page:

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