1100AD is free to play online browser-based strategy game. The essence of the game lies in the construction and city development, trade and warfare with other players, the action takes place in the Middle Ages.
The war component has a crucial role in 1100AD. There are four kinds of troops: infantry, cavalry, siege weapons, and carts, plus mercenary units.

Each unit has its purpose and unique characteristics. Hero is unit, which in addition to the capacity to fight, yet gives bonuses based on their skills to all the soldiers in his army. This adds role-playing features to the gameplay.

When a army with hero kills enemy units, hero gets the experience. Upon reaching certain values of experience, the hero levels up and gets free points, which can be used to improve his skills. Heroes are the only units that have a special ability to siege enemy castles and seize new city.

The simplest kinds of interactions with others in this real time strategy is trade and war. But the world is too large, and because of this single person can not achieved victory, or remain in positions of leadership. Therefore, the game provides a system of lords and vassals that corresponds to the middle ages diplomacy structure.

Key Features:

  • Free massive online multiplayer medieval strategy game. Control your land, make your enemies fear you, feel yourself as a mighty king!
  • Play Anywhere. The game does not require installation or system resources, play it anywhere from any browser!
  • Build Cities. Construct an ideal medieval settlement over an unoccupied land, any way you wish. But do not forget the fortifications!
  • Conquer and Defend. Full tactical control over your troops in a real-time combat in the city. Act aggressively or join with other players for better protection!
  • Advance Heroes. Hire leaders and heroes, make them lead your armies and advance their skills. Powerful hero is a half of your army!
  • Trade or Robber. Exchange resources with other players in order to speed up your kingdom development, or just rob the enemies with your mighty army!
  • Save Your Time. The game does not require too much attention, many operations (even tactical combat) can be played automatically (by the AI). Focus only on the fields of a medieval world you wish to focus on!

Trailer and gameplay videos


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