Hemp Paradise

Raise the hemp resort of your dreams on this new light-hearted weed growing game! Grow your favorite marijuana strains, enjoy the sight of paradisiac beaches, cash in your pot to build dope buildings, and join a cast of questionable awesome characters looking for some of the green happiness. ⛱BUILD A …

Comics Bob

Dive into prehistoric time and join adventures of caveman Bob and his Girl. Do think their life was boring? Don’t get fooled! You’ll be expecting dangerous traps, hungry animals, huge tyrannosaur and of course beautiful romance story.You will find yourself in a variety of situations. Can you break into museum?How …

Food Master: Best Impasta!

Do you love food games and cooking games? Well, you came to the right place! Get ready to chop all the food! Come all of you food maker to play and become a food master! In these cooking games, you will be the chef and make some delicious drinks and …

911 Emergency Dispatcher

**911 WHAT’S YOUR EMERGENCY!!** Simulation game about quickly dispatching the help needed for every emergency you receive. You are responsible to make the best decisions to help the people. Progress throughout the new scenarios and situations!

Drish The Challenge – Free Platformer. Retro Game

Drish – The Challenge: Rabbit retro games is an 2D pixel art shooter platformer. Solve puzzles with mega-powerful weapons in this single player platform offline free game by Loovgames. 🐰 Single-player indie 2D platform game where you play as rabbit Drish and you are trapped inside the prison and have …

Streamwalker: Tribes

Introducing a new concept of social mobile gaming! Enjoy a casual and fun collection RPG progression system with a large variety of cute pets and awesome anime characters! When you feel like playing with others you can join in a TRIBE and play along. All your accomplishments benefit the rest …

Ice Man 3D

The power is in your hands in this game!Freeze and shoot the enemies attacking you using your hands!It is time to prove your strength to them!

Hamster Maze

Guide your funny and cute hamster through the maze full of obstacles. Climb stairs, balance on swing, crawl over balls, roll through tubes and pass many other funny and interactive barriers. Nothing can stop you on your way to the desired food! Lead the hamster with intuitive one-hand control and …

Pusher 3D

Push to the end to win!How far can you go?

Dice Pus‪h

Play against millions of players and push them off the board! Throw the dice to get units to push the bar over the other side. Aim for multipliers and size increasing power-ups to take advantage of you opponent.