Dino Terror 3: Jurassic Escape


Face deadlier dino attack and solve the dino puzzle to become escape master. Use your cunning to escape the dino adventure traps and strategically dominate the dino. Are you ready for a survive of Jurassic, ferocious dino attack? How about …

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TrainCraft Play-2-Earn Game


After the Great Catastrophe, humanity found its new home underground. To survive there, people started digging deeper and deeper into the Earth to look for precious materials. Soon they found DigTrains — ancient and mighty machines created to extract resources …

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Cooking Market Farm Restaurant


COOKING, SERVING and FARMING is just the beginning in this amazing restaurant journey from Cooking Market! Oliver needs your management and cooking games skills to run the family restaurant and build the farm. Your knowledge as a chef, about restaurants …

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Evolution: Dragon X


Summon and train dragons, hire trainers and unveil the mysteries of the dragon world! ======Game Features====== -Easy leveling up and developing your dragons.Collect and evolve dragons, unlock their talents, discover various skill combinations, and hire skillful trainers in the village …

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Dead Zombie Shooter: Survival


Fight the zombie wave! Choose from a wide range of weapons and armor, cool weapon skins, distinctive professions, and an endlessly exciting mode! The essential zombie shooter games for your phone!Hell is full! Virus? Curse? The zombie population is surging …

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Superpower Squad


Superpower Squad – The One is not only an epic PvP MOBA, but also a new category of mobile game that perfectly combines Shooting and Casual RPG.Diversified multiplayer competition, challenge yourself in multiple different game modes. A strong sense of …

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Rebel Riders


Join a secret underground battle club for toys! Rebel Riders is a vehicle combat game where disgruntled toys battle it out in the arena and blow off some steam with high-octane fun. Collect and customize your Rebel Riders and their …

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King Of War


King of war (KoW) is a turn-based artillery game with many different ways to annihilate your enemies. The events of King of war take place in a fictional universe where the main character is a hero who tries to save …

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BTS Island: In the SEOM


Come over and take a break for a while.An island created for healing and relaxation – BTS Island: In the SEOM ▶ From the game title, logo, and character design, down to the soundtrack – they are all gifts from …

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Viking Gods – Idle Tap Game


Restore glory to the Nine Realms as you fight in an endless Ragnarok! Join forces with the goddess Freya to recover sacred relics stolen by Loki and scattered across the realms in this epic incremental clicker game. The battle to …

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