World of Football New Alpha Version

World of Football has a new version, which includes the following features and improvements, there where also a lot of bug issues fixed:

  • The keeper has been vastly improved and it now takes a lot more skill to score a goal. He will throw himself to block shots and charge from his position to stop a goal-scoring opportunity.
  • A penalty mini-game has been added. The keeper can be directed to try to save a penalty kick, and the penalty taker can choose an area to aim for.
  • Sprinting has also been added! Hold down Shift to make the footballer run faster for short periods of time. After a sprint the footballer needs a little time before he can sprint again. This adds a whole new level to the gameplay where timing your runs can really make a difference.
  • Throw-ins have been improved. The ball is now actually thrown instead of kicked.
  • Quick Match results are now recorded and stored in our rankings. If you win a Quick Match you earn 3 points. A draw gives 1 point to each team and losing a match gets you 0 points. If you leave an on-going Quick Match you will forfeit the match and lose by 3 goals. See if you can make it to the top of the table and stay there!

Please remember:

  • All features are not yet fully implemented and may not work as intended. Keep this in mind when reporting issues, or speaking about the game in public.
  • If you experience few testers online and can’t find someone to play against, we suggest you use our forum to arrange matches or log on during announced test periods. You can also invite your friends and ask them to play.
  • Unfortunately, the Alpha build will run on European servers only, so people living outside Europe can expect a poor overall experience or even an unplayable game due to lag issues.

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