War2 Glory Stronghold update

The New Content Update Coming in Early 2012 Allows Players To Construct Strongholds To Launch Cunning Attacks On Other Alliances

 Just A Game, a rapidly expanding worldwide publisher of browser games, PC, console and mobile interactive entertainment, today announced the early 2012 launch of their major content update for WAR2 Glory, a strategic game set during the World War II conflict.  The “Stronghold” content patch will be the biggest content introduction since the game’s launch one year ago.

Players will soon find the option to construct ocean fortresses named “Strongholds” and from there, launch the most violent and cunning attacks yet on another Strongholds alliance!  Whether a seasoned veteran or a green recruit, players can choose to participate in the most intense Alliance combat to date. Utilize new and unique items and officer equipment to out-gun, out-last and out-maneuver all who would oppose you.

Strongholds are best held as a group.  Alliances – a group of players who band together for protection and dominance – must work even closer together to ensure victory.  Alliance members can donate resources, units, items and the most powerful officers, because true cohesion is the key to victory and each alliance is only as strong as its weakest member. Work together and make your Stronghold the most dangerous and impregnable in the world!

As an alliance leader, you can seize an island and establish a Stronghold while all the members of the alliance can donate resources, officers and troops into the Strongholds.  The alliance leader can appoint an alliance member to be the military commander of the alliance and the commander can dispatch troops to attack other Strongholds and command defending troops when the Stronghold is attacked.

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