Velvet Sundown for PC and Mac

Finnish game developer Tribe Studios Ltd. is setting sail with the release of their newest social multiplayer game, Velvet Sundown, scheduled for a December 2013 release on Windows PC and Mac OS X. Velvet Sundown is an ambitious and innovative effort that serves players with a unique mix of social experiments and serious role-playing elements.  Beta registration is already underway and will begin formally in the coming weeks at,

In Velvet Sundown, players take on the role of one of at least four randomly selected characters who find themselves as passengers on board a luxury yacht. Each character has their own unique background stories and missions that players must strive to fulfill. A unique feature in gameplay is that the success of each mission depends on the player’s skill in interacting with other players, which takes place primarily through chat functionality.  There are no pre-populated questions and answers, rather every player can let their fantasy run free in trying to persuade others players. Thanks to Tribe Studios’ patent pending Dramagame technology, no two games unfold the same way and new stories and dramas can be implemented in the game with ease.

Velvet Sundown represents more than two and half years of production effort and is the first entertainment title to leverage our proprietary Dramagame platform,” said Elina Arponen, CEO of Tribe Studios. “We’re excited to see the gaming community embrace what we hope will be an entirely new genre in the gaming space”.

The story contains tens of millions of different outcome variations, giving the game previously undreamt of depth and replay value. A single Velvet Sundown multi-player game session unfolds in the length of a typical television show, about 45 minutes, in which players can immerse themselves into their characters.

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