Turn Based Strategy MMO Iron Dawn Now On Kickstarter

New Development Studio Zombiefood Explores The Steampunk Style World Of Götterdämmerung

Zombiefood, a new international developer, today unveils their new project, Iron Dawn.  A turn-based strategy MMO strongly influenced by classics like Incubation, XCOM, Jagged Alliance and Fallout, Iron Dawn is set in the colorful steampunk universe of the German tabletop game, Götterdämmerung.  The game’s official kickstarter launched in late January and is already receiving plenty of attention at http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/zombiefood/iron-dawn-an-mmo-turn-based-strategy-game

Are you ready to join forces with the Commonwealth, or shall your lot be cast with the Quel’nar?  The game’s official Kickstarter introduces the first two factions that will be available at launch, with the promise of more coming in the future; a third faction, the Iron Guild, is a stretch goal if the project receives funding above and beyond the initial goal.

In Iron Dawn you are a commander for one of the different warring factions battling for control over the world of Tharwin. You recruit, train and equip your own custom troop and fight alongside your faction against anyone and anything that might oppose you.  Commonwealth players follow the story of Talya Blake, a veteran combat medic, as she fights back the onslaught against the Commonwealth and tries to figure out what the goal of the Quel’Nar is.  Choosing to ally with the Quel’Nar means following Alistair Acton the 4th, an ambitious Commonwealth aristocrat who sees the alien creatures as a means to rise to power; as he rises through the ranks of the Quel’Nar, he may discover things he never wanted to know.

“It’s always been very important for us to have a close relationship to our players and we value any kind of feedback and suggestions,” said Felix Dreyfus, co-founder of Zombiefood.  “This is the reason why we picked Kickstarter as we feel this is a great way of coming into direct contact with our future customers.”

Iron Dawn will offer players the opportunity to play free after purchasing the game once.  Free content patches will be available on a regular basis, and major content updates including expansions will be optional for players to buy – there are no mandatory purchases beyond the initial game.

Players can learn more about factions, gameplay, storyline, and more at the game’s kickstarter page at http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/zombiefood/iron-dawn-an-mmo-turn-based-strategy-game or by visiting the official Iron Dawn website at http://www.irondawn.com/

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