The best Android games 2012

Gaming on Android devices is a great way to kill time when you are on a bus or train to work, stuck as a passenger in unmoving traffic, or when you need something to do on your lunch break. You can carry them around in your pocket, and whip them out at a moments notice.

And because there are so many to choose from, the likelihood of you getting bored is unlikely. And if you do, well, you can always move onto or the next craze on Android, right? It’s difficult to pinpoint which Android games are the best as of right now. Let’s explore.

Angry Birds – Yes this game is still at its peak. Originally available on iOS exclusively, the move to Android was met with enthusiasm. Plus the Android version is free. There’s something strangely therapeutic about using a slingshot to throw birds at questionable structures to kill green pigs.

Red Stone – Okay we’ll admit there are a lot of block shuffling games available, but this one comes out on top for us. You have a fat ‘King’ stone which is four times the size of a normal ‘pawn’ stone. The idea is to shuffle the stones so that the red King stone can pass through the exit on the screen. Complicated and absorbing, you’ll find yourself determined to win.

ConnectToo – There are a lot of games like this, but the idea is to join the coloured squares up until you have left a path for the yellow squares to join up too. You won’t get it the first time. It’s all about trial and error.

Abduction! – A platform jumping game that is simple but effective. The cow jumps up the platforms and you have to move the device from left to right to guide him to the platforms as he goes. The higher you get, the harder it gets.

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