Students Can Now Study on the Go with JogNog Learning Game

Entire Library of Elementary and Middle School Quiz Questions Now Available on iPad, iPhone and Android Devices

LYNNFIELD, MA, USA — April 14, 2012 — Piano lessons, soccer practice, play dates, doctor appointments – today’s kids are perpetually on the go. How can they take the time to study?  JogNog’s latest 1.9 release solves this problem. Students in grades 2 through 12 can now prepare for tests by reviewing the material on their iPhone, iPad, iPod or Android device anytime and anywhere they have internet access. This new version of the best selling learning game now supports iOS and Android mobile devices, providing JogNog’s complete library of over 40,000 educator-created review questions.

Other exciting features in this new version include:

·         Leaderboards – JogNog 1.9 now provides leaderboards that make it easy for students to compare results with their friends. The leaderboard displays which students have correctly answered the most questions.
·         Inter-School Challenges – Want to play JogNog with another school? JogNog 1.9 allows students to create quizzes and then challenge classes in other schools.
·         Badges – Students can now track their performance by collecting colorful and creative badges for every Quiz Tower they successfully finish.
·         New Worlds – Ocean City provides a new landscape for student challenges. Have your octopus squirt ink at your friend’s lighthouse, or have your monkey lob coconuts at a bamboo tower or lob cannonballs at the pirate tower.

Students and teachers currently using the online version of JogNog will find that all their purchased content will now be available on their mobile devices as well.
“My daughter has been using JogNog for a couple of years and we find it to be very helpful to her,” said Ella from California.

“It’s a quick and fun game and is tailored specifically to her classroom curriculum. She uses it often as a way to test and solidify her knowledge ahead of tests, and we are very pleased with the way the game helps her gain confidence in herself.”

“Many families are overscheduled these days, taking away from valuable study time. Students need to find creative ways to study wherever and whenever they have some free time.” noted Stephen Smith, CEO and co-founder of “Since smartphones and other mobile devices are becoming ubiquitous, we introduced this new version of JogNog to enable learning anytime, anywhere.”

The JogNog game is available for free in the iTunes store ( and in the Android market ( Both the apps and the web site include free content for a wide variety of grade levels and subject areas, along with in-depth quizzes based on state standards starting at 99 cents. JogNog is always free for teachers to create their own quizzes for their students using the JogNog library of over 40,000 standards-based quiz questions.

About JogNog
JogNog provides competitive learning games that motivate kids to learn in an engaging and fun way. Specifically designed to meet teachers’ needs to address standard curriculum for grades 2 through 12, JogNog uses the latest in educational research to create competitive learning games that motivate and engage students. For more information about JogNog, visit

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